and the plan keeps coming back again

dig and be dug in return - feets you better be there!Every day when I leave work I have to pass my sensor on that little machine that moves the gate open. There is a little man in the booth if you are just a visitor so you would pay him for parking, if you didnt have a pass thing. I have noticed that each time I go thru it I get more and more eye contact. Then it leads to a wave, and then to a vocalized “See you later”. It just reminded me of when I worked at Discovery Channel, and I had to park at the White Flint Metro lot. There was that cray-zay dude there in the booth that would always sit there and talk to me for like 10 mins at a time! Even when there were cars behind me and they were honking!! It was nuts. Why do I attract these wack jobs?! I remember the last month or two I parked there, I would go out the other entrance (exit) just to avoid that sketchiness. With the parking lot I am in now, I have no choice. I hope the little dude in the booth doesnt become too sketch. Will I have to put my foot down (so to speak) or will I suck it up and be nice. I think I am too nice sometimes. As stuck up and snobish as I can get, it’s a weird thing. Right? Word.

Today I got two 12″ singles from Buddy. I got a Butthole Surfers and a Tricky one. I am giving the Butthole one to Addy as I know he’s a huge ass fan and I have to defend my “cheap ass Jew” stereotype Addy likes to poke at all the time. I’ll just give him some tortillas or something. I remember coming back from Baltimore with him. No wait. It was Philly and he picked up a CD there, and we listened to it on the way back on the car. Talk about fucked up shit. Awesome stuff, but murder on the ears. But not like Morrisey. Very different. Damn, I miss my trips to NYC and Philly. I just need someone to go with now.

Today at work I got on top of this filing cabinet to tape up the air conditioning vents. It was litterally 42 degrees in our office. I couldnt take it any more. I was quite the man in doing so, cos it helped my neighbor, as he likes it cold as sin. God i hate that shit. Shit shit shit! Exeunt! Latin aint that hard Elizabeth!

So around 4pm, Colin asked us all if we were going to Dave and Busters for some set up to a New Years Party we’re doing. I told Korinne I couldnt go cos I had a dinner date. She immediately assumed it was with a said “Part-Timer” – It wasnt with her however. It was with the Moms. But she still didnt believe me. Maybe she just wanted it to be with The “Part-Timer”. Or an extention from me. Hahaha…i am loosing it man. I did get Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans from Laura today! She rules…..candy rules the world of Mat and is the way to his heart! Take note! Speaking of which. The New Dilema: So I asked the “Part-Timer” if she wanted to hang this weekend and she said she did. However I am wondering if she will follow up on that (like asking me what I had in mind, or her suggesting something) or I will have to. Or will she just let it go and pretend I didnt say anything. I guess I really just want to see effort. And last nite was so funny reading all the old shit in the archives section with Morgan. So bizzare. Just reminds me of that wonderfully constructed Whitney Houston song entitled “How Will I know”. What a great song. Oh, oh the drama of Mat’s life. My lips are chap, I am gonna go get some chapstick.


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