jeremiah was a mat

i wanna die, just like JFK - i wanna die on a sunny dayLast night was a DC101 Show. It was Nickelback and 3 Doors Down. I kinda liked the Nickelback single, but when they come in to the studio I kinda lost all respect for them. They were cool, but they were basically nobodies and pretended like they were something. Also I finally got to hear the CD, and their single is nothing like the rest of the CD. Funny how that always works out. I wonder where they will be in 2 months. I bet you back in Canada. The great part about the show or even getting to the show was driving down Georgia Ave with Korinne in the shotgun seat trying to clap on 2 and 4 to the music on the FM. I cant tell you how humorous this was. All the time Christy just wanting to slap her. To me that is the best of all humor. Korinne is a nice girl, but damn she can be oblivious as fuck a lot of the time. I told her I my mission is to teach her the ways of non-whiteness in clapping and other entities as well. Some people are pretty hopeless. She is actually very close to those people. But I have a grain of faith in her. I think she can do it.

So we got there really early as we always do. I just wanted to get there early to get my photo pass. And hanging with everyone else is always a treat. Jeremiah was my twin last nite. I have no fathomable clue why he decided this. I think it started when I saw him wearing a tobogan hat. And it just progressed from there. When he put on my jacket it was all over. His shoulder bag (or as Christy says: the man purse) also had a camera in it. I was hanging out in the 930 Club office with Liz and Colin and she gets a call on the radio that there is a person in VIP with a camera with out a pass. Damn it! It was Jeremiah. That trouble maker! Colin just shook his head. Then I went out there to make sure he kept it in his bag. It was just a weird night. Yeah, the bands were sub par to mediocre for rock bands. I just have higher expectations. Nickelback was a borderline metal band at times. Not like Slayer metal, but more cheesier pinch harmonics kind of metal. But I really did get some amazing pictures of the two bands. Nickelback and 3 Doors Down. If I was a 3 Doors Down fan I would be very happy to have seen them in the 930 Club. That is my favorite venue on the east coast. Just weird they usually play sheds. I just wish I could see Jane’s at 930 Club.

On the way back Kranias drove the van back. The leader of the pack! Ha! It’s still pretty odd working with this dude. It’s very odd how I went to high school with 2 people I work with and one intern. Just a small world. Something I never thought would ever happen. I am not bothered by it at all. It’s just cray-zay. Oh yeah. Oh. Hmmmm. I forgot what I was gonna type. Well that is about it…No more news on the “Part-Timer” – I just realized what is bizzare (or prolly not, to her) – But something I just realized. I’ve asked her to do things with me copious amounts of time, and I cant recall a time when she asked me to do something with her. Is that a sign. I think it is. Phooey.

Today is the Jewish New Year. I took off today to go to services with the fam. Turns out I overslept. Damnit. I wish they told me what time services started. In fact I am not that upset. I am Jewish. But I dont feel practicing it will make me a better person. Religion to me is still a fairy tale. It’s not real. A well constructed book people latched on to and took way too seriously. New school or old school alike. I think the world would have been cooler with a better or more updated book. Like “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein. Or 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Hmmm…

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