yeah yer pretty good looking

So today I basically didnt do all that much. I woke up pretty late. I did my lazy sunday on a saturday. I sorta needed it. I needed to catch up on my sleep. Sleeping in and just laying there in the cold is the best. But it’s not cold cos you have the blankets. It’s the bestest. I did the typical things I do on a standard sunday. I cleaned my room which entailed picking up all my clothes and doing the weekly CDs filing. I also trimmed my beard. Woo! Mega fun. The highlight was making the brisket. Or at least making sure there was enough liquid in there so it wouldnt dry out while cooking.

Around 6 I went out to the wine store to pick up some BLUE NUN and some Dunhills. They gave me a frequent buyers club card there. Am I some sorta drunk?! Ha! She tried to explain it to me in her heavily accented voice. I made out like two words. Then I came home and had dinner with the fam. We had a chef salad. Yum! Mega yum. After that I got a call from Christy. Or did I call her? Anyways, she gave me directions to her apartment at GW so I could take her and her roomie to Addy’s par-tay.

I actually didnt get lost. I am the worst with directions too. No clue why I didnt get mega lost. I only missed one turn and only had to back track one or two blocks. Go me! So I got there and found a spot after 15 minutes only a block or two away. She met me downstairs and we chilled outside for a bit. Damn, she looked really beautiful. Hot damn. I checked in there and went up with her. Her roomie was there, but I forget what she was doing. She was pretty cool though. Two things I noticed: #1 She made fun of southerners (I like that quality) #2 She had a poster of Dave Matthews on the wall (Is this an issue?!) After Christy jammed on her DJ toy we headed out to the party.

We got there around 10ish. I think we were like the 3rd or 4th person there. So basically the night consisted of meeting all of Addy’s friends or Amy’s friends. There was this one girl who sounded like she sucked helium a lot. She had really blonde hair. I couldnt tell if it was dyed or not. I think it was, but it was really dark. She told some pretty humorous stories. Something about a McDonalds and some drunk guy saying mean things. I definitely drank too much wine, and Christy had to take us home. That was very cool of her. I felt like quite the putz though. I hope they had fun. I have no way to gauge it and with my paranoid lil’ head; I presume they were pretty bored. The highlight of driving back was when Christy asked if the music playing was Dinosaur Jr. It in fact was J. Mascis and the Fog. Close enough for me. That made me smile.

We got back to GW and I came back with them for a bit. We basically watched TV for a bit. Christy mentioned something about getting breakfast in the morning. It was such a tease. I wish I got to spend the night and got to get breakfast with her. A man could only be so lucky. I really really am quite in to this girl and I have no way of conveying this to her. But would it even matter if i told her verbally? Something happened along the way where I just lost that gene of communication with girls I am attracted to. It’s awful and is the bane of my existence. Why is it so hard for me? It also sucks cos she has this boyfriend. That is also the most vague thing about her. I wish she would be forward with me. Or just tell me to fuck off. But i dont think i am owed that yet at least to the first part. Is that irony? It just sucks when you start wanting to be with someone like that and they have this bizarre and vague relationship with a boyfriend you know nothing about. But where was he tonite? Hmmmm. I wish this shit was easy for me. I really do. I just want to wake up in the morning with a beautiful and endearing woman in my arms…is that too much to ask for? And I dont just want to hit it and run. I want a real relationship. I dont really know what I am talking about anymore as it’s way past my old-timer-ass’s bedtime. But I still wish I got to spend the nite to have breakfast at IHOP with her. Arg. Woah, big digression. After I abruptly left around 3am or so, I had to find my car. I remembered something about L street after about 15 minutes of looking for my car. Funnily (?!) enough I went down the wrong way. So after about 30 minutes of searching for my car I found it. Whoopie! Click here for some pictures from the night.

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