laura the repeat offender

he is one angry dwarfSound track of the day: The Halo Benders’ god dont make no junk, Morphine’s YES, Ben Folds Five’s whatever and ever amen, BFF’s S/T. The Cure’s Paris, Built to Spill’s keep it like a secret.

Today after work, I came home. The cool thing about that was that I got told to go home at noon cos of the mega stressful week. Tres cool. Except I didnt leave until 2.30pm. Or so. It was cool. It was better than 6pm. So I came home and planned on taking a nap. I had started, and then ironically got a call from “The Part Timer” – Bizzare huh? She wanted to know if I was going to the BEN FOLDS show tonite. I told her I would prolly see her there. I had made tentative plans with Morgan to see the show. I need a couch, but I dont need one

So I tried to take a nap after the call, but I couldnt. My sleep patterns are very fucked up. You wanna know something weird. When I was recording MONSI back in ’99 I included this one brief (3 mintues) song with Joe on guitar and me on drums. We had all this shit set up in the kitchen. Why do kitchens always sound damn good? In fact I think I was recording some other band. But Joe and I did this little ditty. Then I popped it in the 4track and added some synth and bass. Then years later. Ok, maybe not that long, but at least well in to the 2nd record, I find out it’s a cover. Turns out it’s the song I am listening to now. I cant wait for someone to notice what it is. I will marry that person. Provided they are of the female persuasion. God I could make it so easy. Ha! you were laughing at my helmet head

So i met up with the Morgan and she was with some part timers and an intern from DC101. We hung outside for a bit and then planted ourselves at 930Club. I also got my ritualistic Corona. Oh yeah, and Morgan dyed her hair blackity black. Like Feetnik’s soul. Just like. So yeah, Ben Folds ruled. I did feel bad having a good time. But after this week I really needed some good music. It’s my therapy. I am still terrified. But Ben Folds was pretty cool and was good to keep my mind on something else. The harmonies werent as killer as with his other band. But still cool. The guitarist on the right was good and had good moves until he started doing the improvisational Stevie Nicks hand movements. That made him loose mega cool points. The bassist was perfect cos he just stood there only bending his knees occasionally. And the drummer has a lot of drums and cymbals and not enough TRIANGLE. He did have one. But needed more. So that was fun. There was one song where Ben brought out the Herbie Hancock keyboard, and it was a pseudo-punk rock song. At least for Ben Folds. It was the best song of the nite. For the encore he hooked us BFF fans up with mega treats…Just Ben and the piano for Philosophy, One Angry Dwarf, & Best Immitation of Myself. Then the band came back for a full on rock jam of Song For the Dumped. It was pretty cool. As cheesy as it was to end with that song. I juggled one handed

God my hands hurt from typing. After the show, Morgan, “The Part-Timer” – Oh wait. I guess she was Christy then. Yeah. And her roomate came too. Laura and her friend also came with us to get food. We ate some asian food. I think Japanese. It all was beautiful, but like my sleeping patterns, my eating habbits this week have been awful. My meal was called “Bum” or something. It was really good. Very spicey though. Too spicey. Makes Mat’s tummy very unhappy. But i hung in there. Highlights included: Morgan kicking me under the table way more than she should have, Morgan trying to get Christy to think I like the cock, Laura touching my knee twice (uh, what’s up with that?!), Morgan winking at me, the conversation about my ass/the casualness of it, Christy trying to eat noodles & Morgan being pushy with me in a very obvious way. Damn, what up with Morgan? Did I make me up?

After that we all went back to Christy’s dorm at GW. It was the swankiest dorm i’ve seen next to Vanderbilt’s in Tennessee. It was an old hotel remodeled for college kids. Very cool. It was nostalgic for me. I really miss that. Granted I never had a roomate, but I miss the extreme freedom and the ability to just stick my head out the window and smoke a bowl. God I miss that. And the cold. It was chilly tonite. I loved that. I love cold air. Oh yeah, and Morgan and Christy suckered me in to taking a shot of whiskey. My god. It wasnt that bad though. Not as bad as JIM BEAM. Wow. Insane stuff. I think we watched TV for like 30 seconds. Or something. I pissed somewhere in there too. Not watching TV. I did excuse myself. The toilet seat was down. But i think that was cos Christy was in there before. The sink was clean. The towels were cool cos they read, “JAMES” – Tres cool. So then Morgan and I left much to my chagrin. Christy said something to the fact of coming back after Morgan went home. I didnt. Hopefully she’ll come with me tomorrow to Addy’s housewarming party. Unless she bails last minute like she’s so good at lately. Ha! Girl totally trips me up. I am actually nervous around her. When has that ever happened. I cant think of a time in the past 6 years. Why is that? Someone tell me! I need to rectify this problem. I feel like a quote out of context

And now I am home. And my alarm clock is still blinking from when the power went out a few days ago. I am a lazy ass sometimes. I thought I would see Elle tonite. I didnt. Was she supposed to be there?! I cant remember. And Beth still wears that stupid dress

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  • Vandy’s dorms aren’t that great. They only polish the marble floors once or twice a week. Oh, and we puke in them all the time.

    ely, the poorest guy in Vanderbilt

  • Yeah, the guitarist did do a lotta hand movements. To paraphrase Johnny Mike, we “filled in the harmonies” in the crowd on the BFF songs sans the last F.

  • went and saw built to spill, not ben folds… some of us had to work late.


  • ps. that guy in yer picture is HOTT. way hot.

    super hot.

    and he’s nice too! but not angry all the time. and not a dwarf.


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