extra sugar, extra salt, extra oil, and msg

mat - fall2000 - nyc subway...Non-Musical Highs and Lows of the Summer 2001

-having the best job possible for such an early time in my career
-being clean from drugs
-my new love for vegan cuisine
-my beard & its looking like jesus
-sneaking out of my house last weekend/becca’s boobs incident
-my trip to louisville to see allison and jackie
-getting too drunk when we went tubing
-getting a p.o. box
-finally framing one of zut’s pieces
-pooty tang
-the beach with zander
-getting to sleep next to “the part timer”
-planet of the apes/rockstar/momento
-the news of my sister’s engagement
-i-zone and joycam!

-the idea that being a vegan is way better for MY body
-hearing becca’s dad has cancer (just like pete’s)
-my left hand turn signal doesnt blink anymore (causing me to turn it on and off- hence making me look like an idiot to my passenger)
-lack of going outside as much as i wanted to
-not getting the chance to rename “the part timer” to her real name on here
-not getting to boston once
-i may not keep this job if the moving situation can’t be prevented
-lack of making-out factor

Music Highs and Low of Summer 2001

-getting to meet Dave Navarro (1/4 of the best band ever- Jane’s Addiction)
-finishing my 3rd record
-getting my musical fidelity power amp
-falling in love with the clash
-my roland jp8000
-finding track 10 on the flaming lips’ the soft bulletin and naming that cd my favorite of 1999
-completing my LP prince collection
-the demise of napster
-tempo team/thebobmons. with omr
-seeing tortoise & mouse on mars for the first time
-fugazi @ ft. reno (w/ karin&allison)
-recording with daniel
-hearing sweet child of mine on a cell phone

-taking forever to finish my record
-taking forever to get my label kicking
-aaliyah’s death
-the sickly sad state of popular hiphop/rap
-rolling rock town fair (minus incubus)
-being in the same room as ed from live
-hearing sweet child of mine on a cell phone
-that whole deal with courtney love and nirvana
-the ongoing proliferation of mp3s
-and peoples acceptance of such nasty little critters

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