also, this. hi, I’m elle. i belong on livejournal.

detroit rock city........dressy (13k image)So totaly could have possibly been the most busy day in the history of Mat with a normally crammed packed work day. I almost went postal. I had meetings with various people from various stations in the Washington/Baltimore Trading Area. It was the first time THEY came to ME! I did print ads for my new station. (Is that even part of my job?!) I worked on newsletters for my new station. I taught a PD how to use FTP and how to work within the PHP dealio. Then I finally got to take a break and head to the music meeting (and we did listen to a WILCO song, and i totally thought of ELLE). Then I worked on stealing stuff from, and boy have they got pretty good at keeping their stuff secure! Somewhere in the I ducked away with Lara to eat some Subway. Damn, i love subway and their cucumbers. I went to the Music Auditorium testing after work with the program director and music director. That was mad fun and made up for everything today. I got to be behind the closed doors and see what the listeners really thought. They’d ask about every damn song we play. What the liked about the station and what they didnt like. Did they like the flow? Did they like the classic rock we play? Did they think there were too many commercials. They would play stuff from the Top40 station and the listeners would have to identify it. We ordered room service somewhere in there. Yum! I love room service, anywhere, anytime, anyplace. It’s just better when they bring it directly to you. At the end we were all introduced. I even recognized a P1 in the audience. Go figure. God i am a dork who loves numbers and statistics. I failed trig though. Fuck Montgomery County Public Schools. And we’re supposed to be the best in the country! Or was that Bullis?

Henry Rollins has a very large neck, indeed. It’s very large, around in circumference. And where is Bryan Adams’ dog?

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