don’t worry i’m not looking at you

chelsea hotel no. 2Tonight was one of those wacky and wild nights that was spent with family friends. I had dinner with the Zalcman’s who we’ve known since I was a little twinkle in my Mother’s eye. And the Frishtats (newer school amongst our family circle of friends) were also there. So basically a lot of the night was composed of everyone ganging up on lil’ ole Mat on how much trouble he used to get in to. From allegedly rolling a rock over on Amy’s finger causing it to break to putting the hose in the storm window causing the basement to become a nice sized pool. Yeah, I sorta was the crazy hyper active mischievous child. But give a guy some slack! Most of the stories I dont even recall. So i am unsure where the stories end and i just became the scapegoat. Regardless, I always hate going to dinners like these, but I had a good time. Mainly just observing and piping in when I felt it extremely necessary. It was also cool seeing Amy. We are pretty different, but we always have something to talk about. And she loves animals. I love that. I just love the fact she loves something with such intensities. That is what is so cool about her. But animals do rock. I want a dog so bad.

Tomorrow I am going tubing with a few peeps from work. This should prove to be a lot of fun. I wish I didnt stay at the Zalcman’s so long as I would have bought a waterproof camera. I guess I’ll just bring my Polaroid for the car. That’ll be cool. Keep on rocking in the free world.

I dont really have much else to say. I am considering not writing in here anymore. It seems I am getting too personal in here and it scares me. But I set out to do just that. I just think that too many people I know personally found out about it. But maybe that was my intention. Was it? I sure dont know. I just didnt know that people would find a way to use it against me. I just wanted to keep a diary. Plain and simple.

Oh yeah, and my Dave Navarro pictures from last nite are in my portfolio and my mini review/mini Mat incrimination drama are below…

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