and tell her, there’s a darkness on the edge of town

arent we all dancing in the dark emufella: this is esmerelda
mat: high!
emufella: hullo
mat: so you and jezebelle are on a date tonite?
emufella: yes and I am making my “poon” debut
emufella: Yes
mat: i like the sound of that!
emufella: I am going to “poon” finishing school
emufella: Yepper
mat: POON ON!
emufella: hnnlodr fhb tseda1⁄2s
emufella: e hjsxehsr
emufella: dhelp
emufella: help
mat: help?
emufella: help
mat: are you being attacked my a cat?
emufella: what naughtiness is oging on here?!?!
mat: i can only imagine
emufella: this is a hijacking
emufella: esmerelda no longer exists
emufella: she has been replaced by the poon monster
mat: dude, i feel like the town tricycle

emufella: (bumps chest)
mat: haha
mat: ape on!
emufella: (slaps chest)
mat: who the hell am i talking to?
emufella: hehehe. you’ll never know!
mat: ok, two can play at this game
mat: Residuum per partes ratas solve!
emufella: acatully, i took latin too.
mat: well?
emufella: so, anyway….
mat: Hic ego uxorem intereo opperiar.
emufella: ok, it was like 12 years ago.
emufella: Here I am… sumthin sumthin?
mat: ego vos hic opperiar ante periar.
emufella: sumthin sumthin before su8mthin
emufella: veni vidi vici
mat: paraumper opperiere me!
emufella: sumthi sumthin me
mat: ecce me!
emufella: to be me?
emufella: ecce homo
mat: eccilliam video!
emufella: no se que to dice
emufella: tu
emufella: je voudrais comprender mais je ne comprends pas
mat: hoc (clarence clemmons rules) non impune feres!
emufella: uh-huh
mat: certum. his egomet oculis vidi.
emufella: yup, the fareas have gone down!
mat: downtown?
emufella: sumthin sunthin yo mama sunthin
mat: (that was latin for “Downtown”)
emufella: uh-huh
mat: the highway’s jammed with power heros
emufella: uh-huh
emufella: so’s yo mama!
mat: in a bag!!!!
emufella: hot damn!
emufella: dang, boy, you must be tired!
mat: with a chance like us, baby we were born to run…
emufella: cuz you been runnin’ thru my mind all day!
mat: man i’m just tired and bored with myself
emufella: here come the poon!
mat: POON ON!
emufella: duh-duh-duh
emufella: why so you so down?
emufella: why’ba be-ba you’ba so’ba down’ba
mat: too many “so”
mat: ba!
emufella: i-ba be-ba mushmoth-ba
emufella: mushmouth-ba
mat: doo doo doo, doo-doo doo doo doo doooooo do

mat: POOTY!
emufella: esmereldaord”
emufella: esmerelda he want to see it or sumthin?”
emufella: hehehe
emufella: naughty girl
emufella: dirty dirty girl
mat: heh.
emufella: amy: “sheee-it”
mat: shit!
emufella: see-ay-it
emufella: shee-ay-it

I made a mix. The last mix a made was for Zut. I never gave it to her. I will give this mix to Morgan.

Title: (yet to be determined)
side a:
motr:: trans am
what do i get:: buzzcocks
kentucky blonde:: lucky guns
get down lover:: jon spencer blues explosion
so lonely:: the police
detroit has a skyline: superchunk
reprovisional:: fugazi
monopoly of your mouth:: the delta 72
shiner:: rodan
outside in:: poster children
complete control:: the clash
safety in numbers:: the rondelles

side b:
bird dream of the olympus mons:: the pixies
make out club:: unrest
venus:: television
superhumans:: the flaming lips
kick out the jams:: mc5
what goes on:: the velvet underground
sometimes:: james
moon sammy:: soul coughing
do you feel bad about it?:: frank black and the catholics
why you wanna treat me so bad?:: prince
far gone and out: jesus and mary chain
roadrunner:: jonathan richman and the modern lovers
don’t eat the yellow snow: frank zappa

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