i am going to kick you in the pussy, fucker

you got your big jeans, i got my hash pipe - wonder (15k image)sometimes the music is predictable during the day….
leeann does the work force blocks…liked the linkin park block
don’t really care about the million dollar contest…no time to play it at work…
23 year old loves the classic rock with the new
HFS is too new…but 94.7 is too old….DC101 plays a mix
elliot gets to pick his own music, sometimes i don’t know the songs he plays…
likes to hear the news headlines since 9/11
miss the dollar one concerts…too many big concerts, not enough small ones with the newer bands…
traffic is important, but if i really need it, i get it on the 8’s at WTOP…(several people agreed on this)
varitey, variety, variety…love the old and the new…thinks its great to play both. the classics really mix it up…its what makes DC101 successful…the big station…
great afternoon show…good personality and good music…like ballard…(several agree)
love elliot…he’s the best. (universally agreed) hate his laugh….
knows how to walk the line…sometimes he crosses it but thats ok…he’s obnoxious but not too obnoxious…

Fine, just give me one more site! And this shit sucks. Makes Mat very very sad.


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