man i’m just tired and bored with myself

nj never felt so good...Soundtrack of the day:: Bruce Springsteen: greatest hits, Soul Coughing: ruby vroom, Jamiroquai: A funk odyssey, Bob Dylan: love and theft, Ozzy Osbourne: down to earth, The Ramones: Leave Home (props to Christy for the ones on SONY)

OK, i’ll be the first to admit i hate saxaphones. I cant stand them for the most part. Sax solos typically make me want to gag. There are a few exceptions. Clarence Clemmons, John Zorn, John Coltrane, & Dana Colley. Above all, just saying Clarence Clemmons¬†brings a smile to my face. Totally knows when not to play and never once over played. There was one other that i cant place. Hmmmmm.

This weekend was pretty cool. I never did get to clean my room, which I guess was worth it in the end. Saturday night was that halloween party. Then sunday Christy and Morgan invited me out to a movie at Dupont Circle. At first i was pretty hesitant, as those are my reflexes. But, it was David Lynch’s new one and i really needed to just get out. It was actually quite good. Not that he’s really done bad. Although i never liked that Lost Highway movie. But that tailgating scene RULES!!! I didnt know that Morgan had never seen a David Lynch movie. (which explained why she was the only person in the theatre laughing at the woman masturbation scene) So i think she was pretty confused. It was cool seeing all the people come out of the theatre with their different explanations for their dates. what just happened? A man with a Yarmulka and Talit came out of the theatre and i wispered in Christy’s ear that that was a Jewish man, but I dont think she heard me, nor understood. It was very humorous to me at that time. Then we took Morgan home cos i think it was past her cewfew and i met Father Morgan. Nice guy with pretty mediocre handshake, but very poilte none the less. Then after that we sorta took like an hour or so to get back to her place so i could go home and sleep. She didnt get lost though. Heh. We passed that damn Hess gas station way too many times. We went thru Fugazi’s in on the killtaker at least once. What a splendid CD. A little weird listening to it in the bowels of DC.

My goal this weekend was to work more on thebobgreen. and catch up on sleep. I achieved neither. But it’s totally good. I did get to hang with Jamie as well. He was in town from being on the road with his new bands. I am so proud of him that he is a band manager. I am so envious.

Tonight i went out to dinner with Karin cos she was also in town. Karin also emailed Becca about it, but Becca never responded. So i called her three times on the cell throughout the day, and twice at home (the pops loved that). We never heard back. Oh well. We tried. Weird she never wrote back Karin. But we went to Yuan Fu’s. That place rules. During dinner i got a call from Laura. She got a call from Joe (one of the backend work people from LA) saying that all the work we’ve been doing basically since i started at DC101 is going to be scraped and our sites will all go to the PHP flatform. And I also moved in with all the other ICMs today. I am a very unhappy camper. I am seriously contemplating quiting. I want to just take my two weeks and then say, “It’s been nice, but this sucks.” I am going to play it out for another week to see what’s up. But this shit is fucked up. I am definately taking a week’s vacation in two weeks. Maybe go to Hawaii. Or somewhere sunny as hell.

i got a job working construction

And yes, i have been in an awful mood lately. I’ve been stressed as shit. Sometimes it is nice when someone says, “How are you Mat?” and means it.

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