don’t stop ’till you get enough

*Way too much fun was had last night*
*I think I finally got home at 6am*
*Becca and myself fell down on the floor ever so graciously once during the night*
*Morgan was Marilyn Manson*
*Colin never showed*
*All the music the band played was music Feetnik and me listened to in TN…the booty was shaking!*
*Mike’s outfit was such an inside joke that was funny as fuck*
*Missy was the 420 Pot Faerie which was funny as hell to most of us on many levels*
*Christy was Rollergirl*
*Ballard was the Pope!*
*Kristin was a Go Go girl with dope ass boots!*
*I was Ric Ocasek or any 80s New Waver for that matter*
*Korinne was a hot and fun She-Ra*
*Laura was Jon Bon Jovi*
*Iko was the woman eater/winnie the pooh*
*Diane was a bizzare Paula Poundstone*
*Christy drew on my hand some stars and a bracelet which I dont really remember happening*
*I honestly cant remember having such a good time since my freshman year of college*
*’Tis good. And awesome I got to share it with Becca and some of the work peeps. It was a sight to see!*

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