john stamos to the amos

someday you two will be together and happy as a button... - and zander's brother zac finally redeems himself with a positively great review of the Josie and the Pussycats DVD.  I do disagree with him on SHE'S ALL THAT...i liked that movie...some classic scenes...and god, what i wouldnt do to touch rachael leigh cookI am listening to Sly & the Family Stone’s There’s A Riot Goin’ On. I think Cynthia should have a talk show. She has the best voice. But i think she should sing instead of talk. Sorta like those weird things they call musicals. Never got in to that acting then random break in to song bit. Totally unnatural and wrong to me. Like Funions. Who ever came up with that name?! There is nothing fun nor ionic about Onions.

Last night I rented THE CONTENDER, I’M GONNA GIT YOU SUCKA and Part II of that Bond game on N64. I just needed a break from people for a while. This week is no contact with people week or something like that. It’s a little ironic, cos I typically have little contact with people anyways, except at work. But this week I am gonna finish up Kentarus. I am definately adding a bass line. And maybe a vocoded part. I also need to start on pre-production for Daniel’s stuff. What am I talking about?

Elle’s back! Hurrah! Thanks for the postcard from the UK with Prince William and Prince Harry. I bet she got me that postcard cos it was the only one in the UK with the word PRINCE on it. Or not. I bet she has the hots for Prince Harry. He’s a ladies man from what I hear. You gotta love those albino eyebrows.

In fact you gotta love albino anything. Did you ever see Albino Aligator? Now that was a splendid movie. Faye Dunnoway was in it. And speaking of Faye, I got some back today from my friend Stephen. He also thinks that the JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS soundtrack rocks. It’s our little secret. I also still owe him like 400 Soul Coughing live CDs. I will do it and when I do, one man from Florida will be a hooked up man.

IM of the day (even more funny is the fact that the person with whom the conversation was had with prolly doesnt even see the humour):

xtykat: you’re making me laugh
xtykat: that’s good
mat: as long as i provide comic relief, all is well
xtykat: yepper
xtykat: u are good at that
xtykat: gotta diversify
mat: like a black girlfriend?
mat: or is that a song
xtykat: haha…that is too funny
xtykat: i don’t know what that is
mat: or is that feetnik!
xtykat: we’ll never know
mat: it’s feetnik!
xtykat: feetnik it is

OK, so maybe only Feetnik will find humour in this. So be it. SOBE type negative.

What should I be for Halloween? Ric Ocasik? David Bowie circa 1973? Suggest. And suggest often. You will offend me if you dont suggest.

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