modern love is automatic

dude, one hit?!  guys- be adventurous.  she wont bite.  and she has great pictures to prove it.So basically today was my day off from working 20 hours yesterday shooting the United We Stand Concert.

Highlights included, but are not limited to:
*Uncle fucking Jesse
*Meeting that Photographer from Rolling Stone
*Totally not knowing anyone in my situation with 20 professional photographers
*Being in that situation and be comfortably social
*Huey Lewis taking me back to 1985
*Aerosmith rocking me like a hurricane
*That photographer with the trail mix
*Carole King
*Al Green
*Nsync: they were actually good. Not great. But good.
*The deli tray!
*The Goo Goo Dolls: I am a sucker for sap and for bassists that look like C.C. Deville
*James Brown’s two tight (pardon the pun) dancers…yum
*Taking over 800 pictures
*Would have taken more but I ran out of batteries
*Sitting on Laura’s lap on the way back to the station in Buddy’s car with Ballard looking down my pants and Elliot looking down my shirt
*Uh, or something like that…Ha! Yeah, something
*Rumours abound.
*The Josie and the Pussycats soundtrack
*Yah, i know it has nothing to do with the show, i just cant get enough of the CD
*Going to the diner with Laura and Lara after the show
*Making jokes with Laura about Spinal Tap all night
*Lara not understanding a word we said
*Staying awake until the sun came up working on sorting thru all the digital photographs
*While listening to live WAR (thanks daniel) and Sly Stone

*The wait before Carole King
*The wait before Mariah Carey. When will she be shot?
*ABC and their fucking sick fuck executives with their stupid fuckig TV show
*Why cant you people just do something cool and spontaneous
*Hitting my head on the roof of Buddy’s car way too many times
*Train: how many times do i have to see them in a year? Ugh.
*Backdoor Boys and Oh Town – how did they happen again?
*My back from my gear

Mat’s quote of the day and words of wisdom:
It (getting a fucked up haircut) would be way too expected of me… I cant give them that satisfaction.

IM of the day:
emufela: ok, fine. so i’m just a secret stalker and now the truth is out! ah, you’ve caught me.
mat: i stalk myself, so it’s ok
emufela: hmmm…you must be easily fooled
mat: i fool myself daily
emufela: oh no! look! it’s me again! damn me!
mat: dude, there i go, so the jokes on me
emufela: every time i turn around, i’m there.
———-time lapse= 5 minutes———
emufela: do yo ualways have thursdays off?
mat: hehehe, just when i want to

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