last chance for a slow dance

everything's alright when you are downSo i had this huge email all set up with my Top 13 Guitar Moments in Mat’s History. Or something like that. Then I went to look up the names of the girl singers in ABBA and my IE crashed. This has happened when posting journal entries maybe twice since I started doing this two years ago. I am kinda pissed, but really, who cares.

Instead of trying to retype it it all, I’ll list the stack of CDs, i’ve pulled to listen to, either at work or here in this room:

The Jesus and Mary Chain: Barbed Wire Kisses
The New Deal: s/t (thanks Daniel)
James Brown: 20 All Time Greatest Hits
The Delta 72: 000
Sonic Youth: Goo
Hum: Electra 2000 (Allison knows what i am talking about)
The Jesus and Mary Chain: Honey’s Dead
Prince: The Hits/B Sides
The Who: My Generation, Best of
Sonic Youth: Confusion is Sex
The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
Fugazi: In On The Killtaker
Tortoise: s/t (you know Johnny Machine plays drums on this one)
Jane’s Addiction: Nothing’s Shocking (cos nothing really is)
Smashing Pumpkins: Gish
Built to Spill: Keep It Like a Secret
U2: The Joshua Tree
Suzanne Vega: solitude standing
The Clash: From Here to Eternity
Josie and the Pussycats: OST
Butterglory: downed
Trans Am: Surrender to the Night (should be in everyone’s music library)
Superchunk: Here’s Where the Srings Come In

So basically everyone sorta makes fun of me that I always go to lunch and sometimes dinner with all these attractive girls. Typically I’ll leave work with 3-4 girls from work or elsewhere to go to lunch or what not. Someone will always see me leave, even if i leave out the back door and i’ll always get a little grin. So every now and then i’ll have a smoke with Laura. More recently we go out the back door to the frieght elevator as it’s right there, cos it’s a little more shady than the normal route. One time this week upon getting back, one of the bigger wigs was walking down the hall to the bathroom and “caught us.” SO basically this whole week he’s been teasing me, that I am this huge ladies man. I find it bitterly irony. We are both in the same position of that the fact that we both work too much to even fathom the idea of a relationship. I guess the difference is that I would make time for it and work it in, and he wouldnt. Totally sucks sometimes. But he is really good at math. Or not. Maybe this is why he is a Program Director and not a math teacher. For example, here are a few IMs from today:

Smokeythecat: mat = player
Smokeythecat: mat = stud

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