i’m always fucking up the four minute mile

yeah, maybe someday they will have composition...or perhaps that is just the metaphor and the joke is on you...As soon as I got home
Reached out for the phone
Drank my sleep from a can
Playing track 6 and track 7, again and again

I had a crush
Nothing works out
Well I had faith
Could not have known; don’t even say it

Meet me again, maybe one mile high
Meet me again, and I won’t flake this time
Meet me again, maybe a year from now
Meet me again, I think we both remember how

It was no architect designed this view
He could not have known about you
Mousy homes, catacombs
Detroit has a skyline too

So yeah, I think i’ve used this in so many entries…it’s from a Superchunk song called “Detroit Has a Skyline” – It’s a great track on a great album. I recommend it. The record is called “Here’s Where the Strings Come In.” When will they stop calling record stores, record stores. The last track is called “Certain Stars” – And I once made this mix tape for this girl I was kinda seeing in TN. Since I am all crafty like that, I only included songs that had the word “star” or “stars” in it. She never got it. Needless to say, it didnt last long. Detroit does have a skyline.

i hardly remember driving you home

Today was my day off. I ran errands. Bank. Post Office. Penn Camera. MotoPhoto. CVS. Blimpie. Then I took pictures outside cos it was beautiful. It was cold morning air that I love so much. Then I helped the Pops rake the ground up tree (mulch) that we’re gonna replace tomorrow. Fun! It was just nice getting outside. I will be doing much more of that. And many of photos will be taken. I just need a project idea. Daniel is coming this weekend. I get to produce the rest of his record and maybe even play on a few tracks. I am very excited. I am pretty overwhelmed at the fact he trusts me with it. It will be great. Be on the lookout.

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