and in this moment I am happy

pooty pooty, blah blah blah numberLast night was a whirlwind of suprise. I kinda had a lot of work to do during the day. 311 came in to work early on. So I took pictures of them in the morning when they came in. But I had some shit to do, so I left my camera with Flounder and he took the rest of the pictures. Then at 2.30pm this band SUM41 came in to meet lots of 14 year old girl listeners who had to get permission from their parents to take off school to come in. These girls were nuts, knowing middle names of all the dudes in the band. They knew their birthdays, favorite food and color. Sickness man. Beatlemania. So basically I had to hang with SUM41 and these kids for 2 hours. During which Roche did his interview with the band which was suprisingly funny. The drummer talked about getting a 48″ GONG. I got way too excited.

So since I had to waste half my day with those silly people I had to stay a little late to get my work done for the weekend. I was going to go out to the 311 show, but I just really didnt feel like going out there. Plus I didnt have time to get my photo pass. So what was the point. Turns out some people were going to 930 Club to see SUM41. No clue what they sing, but since they were so funny i thought it may be fun to see them perform. Becca and Cute Abi met me at work and we made our way to 930 Club. So we get down there and since Noah from Island/Def Dam (I think) put me on the guestlist with VIP action I didnt have to worry about tickets. Abi got a scalped ticket. Morgan and Ariana met up with us too. I realized at that show how frail Morgan is. So we go in and go downstairs to get a drink, I get a Corona with a lime (suprise?!), Bex gets two drinks. What was it? Rum and diet coke? I thought it was nasty as hell. Becca liked it though. But she likes weird stuff. She prolly says that about me though. That is half the attraction to her. So basically one of the drinks Becca got was for Abi, who is underrage. So once she had her first sip they got kicked out. And in the end I got kicked out too, but for no reason. I guess by default. They even X’ed our hands. So this is #2 for me getting kicked out of 930 Club. It’s ok, I guess. I didnt really want to see that band anyways. I just felt bad for Cute Abi, cos I bet she felt a little silly.

So fuck it. After that we went to the wine store. I got me two bottles of Blue Nun and Bex got hers. Then we went back to her place to watch Perry Farrell’s GIFT. We ended up not even watching it. Becca drank all of her wine and I drank half of mine. I also came to realize that whe I get drunk I am not too different than when sober. I think I can just find my car better when not drunk. We did cool time lapse photography and once Cute Abi left to see her boyfriend Becca and I went for a walk and sat on her back porch and smoked cigarettes and talked about serious stuff. Her sickness, my ex-girlfriends, her sexuality, my drugs and what not. I love those conversations with her. And a lot of my past feelings for Becca came back sorta. Maybe it was just cos we were talking about it.

I also came to the realization that I am going to withdraw from most of my semi-friends. I just have no desire at this point in my life to meet new people. Most people disapoint me anyways. I have so much stuff I need to do, and I dont want to be distracted anymore. This petty world really can bring me down way too much. So back to my hole, where I get shit done. I think I was out for a week. One week too long, huh.

This weekend is sister’s engagement party. Fun Fun. Cousin’s are here. So weird. He has a beard too! Go figure!

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