it took the first to be the last

Jackie and Ah-lih-sun at Derby 2001.  And do my damn FIND MAT BOOTY one will do as bad as Korinne did.  So far Becca is in the lead!Soundtrack of the Day: The Delta 72: The Soul of a new Machine, Modest Mouse: the lonesome crowded west, Bad Brains: I Against I, Spiritualized: Let it come down, Shellac: at action park.

Top 10 Attended Concerts, in no particular order:
01 Portishead – Spring 1996 – 930 Club in DC
02 The Delta 72 – 21feb2001 The Khyber in Philly
03 Soul Coughing – 12aug1999 930 Club in DC
04 Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 24jan1999 328 Performance Hall in Nashville
05 Trans Am – 30jul1996 930 Club in DC (me and 100 other people witnessed this one)
06 Jane’s Addiction – uh, last weekend
07 Fugazi Summer 1993 – Ft Reno
08 Mouse on Mars 08jun2001 – 930 Club in DC –
09 George Clinton/the Pharcyde – Spring 1996 – Somewhere in Hartford, CT
10 Smashing Pumpkins 05jan1996 – Opening nite at new 930 Club – in the high point of their career it was incredible to be 5 feet from Billy and James and Darcy and Jimmy in such a tiny club for their caliber.

So those are my Top 10 as it stands at this moment. I vividly remember getting to see George Clinton in college and laughing so hard when the metal detector went off cos of my nipple ring. Too funny. I also remember smoking a fatty joint in the stands. That ruled. The Pharcyde also blew me away. In that same way that the Roots did at Vanderbilt in Nashville. I never thought live hip hop could be good. I was quickly corrected.

So i looked thru all the stats for all the traffic to my site i work on at DC101. It turns out my site ( is #1 in traffic for all the Clear Channel Broadcast Radio Station Web Sites in all of North America. We rule. There are others that are better than us, but those stations don’t broadcast real radio. They only do internet streams. So out of thousands of Clear Channel owned radio station websites, DC101.COM is finally number one! I rule! It’s kinda funny how OM.COM does better than than a few of the other DC Radio Websites around here! Like SportsTalk and a TalkRadio one. I thought it to be funny at least. Maybe I should turn OM.COM in to a radio station. Or at least put more boobies up. More BOOBIES!

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