miles runs the voodoo down

dude, it's john 2004!I am of the belief that
…Becca quoting FREE TO BE YOU AND ME rules
…Miles Davis scares me in that good way
…I love his music but wish to understand it more
…Low produces really beautiful music
…The color yellow is awesome
…Getting up at 5.45am really can make you kranky
…One of the National Kidney Foundation girls that came to the Golf Tournament today at work (the Golf Course) was hot as hell
…She also wasnt my type at all, which Mike and Morgan both thought was funny
…Philip Glass is my hero of the week
…I wish my beard wouldnt itch at this stage
…Sleep is a big waste of time
…But I love it way too much
…It was cold as sin this morning at 6am
…I remember why having a ladyfriend is so wonderful when you wake up in the morning
…The Flaming Lip’s bug trilogy is THUPER!
…I still have to re-enroll for my bene’s for work
…I need to take a day off this week
…In fact I need to take a week off this week
…Mike talks about me touching Becca, way too much
…He also talks about me touching other specific people way too much
…Becca has a present for me
…That rocks
…and ROXX
…and Rawks
…I think this war is stupid
…I think war is stupid
…yet I am still obsessed with war movies and the history channel
…I just want to make love like the dirty hippie i am
…tape bleed is kinda nifty
…i miss the Oregon Trail and Carrier Command
…”Pooty Tang” is a fun word to say out loud
…I still cant believe Joey Ramone is dead
…the 5% Nation of Karin Runett
…the 5% Nation of John Donges
…the 5% Nation of Allison Cuyjet and her cool last name
…the 5% Nation of Gabe Beeler
…the 5% Nation of Nora Davenport
…the 5% Nation of Marla Thomas
…the 5% Nation of Suzanne Pollack
…the 5% Nation of Genevieve Diamond
…everything I wore today was from the Gap, including my jacket, scarf, boxers and socks

From the words of Feetnik allegedly about Mat from the 1234:
laundro- i miss singing to him in the grocery store, particularly in the frozen foods section (it’s well lit). i miss cooking in that nasty kitchen that never got cleaned, even though i tried to a few times. i miss running to his house to beat goldeneye. and trivial pursuit. i really miss trivial pursuit. i miss stealing his clothes, and his stealing my clothes. seeing him in my bright blue snowflake sweater was really something to behold. i miss solder. i miss vicki and linn and june. i miss pedals and cords everywhere. i miss almost all of it, except for the love seat that ate you.

-I love reading highlights about our relationship! And how accurate it is. How bizzarely accurate it is. One would never expect that out of an ex-girlfriend. What a nasty word. Feets is so more than that. She did leave out a buttload of listened to funk music. No one could get down to “Little Green Bag” by George Baker Bouwens or anything by Donna Summers or the GAP Band better than the Feets.

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