i show my age when i dont cry

she was unhappy just as you wereThe past 2 days have been a whirlwind of crazyness. I guess it all started on Thursday. Basically after work on Thursday I headed over to the old place of work. It was in Silver Spring. The premise was that the old promotions/webdude named DAN (I’m not a Jew) HOFFMAN who worked at DC101, was moving to NYC last year. There was a 7 day time lapse of having no place to stay before he moved to NYC but after his apartment lease ran out. So he basically got a tent and slept on the DC101 Lawn. But by the end of the week, there were 100s of people and listeners out there. It was in sanity. This year close to 1000 people came out.

Highlights of this year’s SHANTYTOWN.
1. Getting on top of the station and pissing on the top of it.
2. Getting drunk twice through the night.
3. Having a heart to heart with Colin (my boss)
4. Luckily his main advice at the end of the day (night) was to keep a journal of all the events like these so you will remember then in years to come all the cool things that happened.
5. Hanging with Becca a little and seeing Tony.
6. Having Tony lick my left ear twice.
7. High School memories rushing back by the speed of light.
8. Hearing Christy say “Clit” way too many times for my unnerving ears.
9. Getting a call from Korinne saying there were people in our tent and then going down there with Colin and finding out they were humping. See below:

10. Eating an Atomic Elliot and not getting the runs.
11. Seeing cute Abi there, well uh, cos she’s cute.
12. Harrasing Kranias about all the videos Becca has from when he was a child thru High School that are quite incriminating.
13. Sleeping in the same tent as Colin and Korinne and each saying the last time we all had sex. A little too much bonding happened.
14. Meeting Vanilla Ice the next morning.

So in the end i got 30-60 mins of sleep Thursday night. And then I went to work to put up all the photos I took at Shantytown (yo! After I got all that done I went to that cool new sub/sandwich place in that mall where Becca is going to work. Yum it rules. What is it called? So after that, I went home and showered cos it seemed i smelled like ass. Then I started to take a nap. Of course 15 mins after my eyes closed the phone starts ringing. It was LILLIAN. I prolly sounded stoned. I then unplugged the phone. And got maybe 45 mins of rest. So it’s now day 2 and I am working on 1.5 hours of sleep. I ate some food for dinner and then met up with Jessie Belle and Becca at Becca’s house.

We were off to see Tool. In hindsight I prolly shouldnt have gone as how tired I was and how much like ass I feel right now. But I went anyways, cos I am trying to keep a more and more open mind. So yeah, Tool was one of those bands I never got in to. One of the reasons being is was on of those bands the Bellenger girls listened to in High School. no, i am not stubborn. But funny how one Belleneger girl listened to PRINCE and whatever happened with that?! Go figure. So TOOL never settled well with me. Bad memories. Anyways. I finally recently started getting in to the new CD. It was primarily the drums. Not sure why. They were nice. And it had been a while since the drums turned me on to a record. It was very cool at the show, cool little circus freaks walking funny all over the stage and then doing acrobatics on the raised lights. Very cool visuals as well. And it was cool seeing the singer at the back of the stage reinforcing myself the fact that the singer should always be back there as he aint no more importantant than anyone else. And it was cool how the vox were all muddled. I also wonder about the singer and his black speedo. I wonder what he thinks about it after the show. “Damn that was a cool show, and my ass looks so good in this speedo” “You think my ass is getting too big for this speedo” “Hey Mr Drummer, would you like to wear my speedo tomorrow night?”

So yeah, the TOOL show was exceptionally cooler than planned. I did get to touch Becca’s booty a lot. I was just so impressed cos the last time (1-2 years ago) is was just bone. So seeing a relatively normal ass there was very nice and made we want to play with it all night. But I refrained. Christy and Morgan both looked incredibly bored the whole show. Does Christy ever get excited about anything? Morgan kept stealing shit from my pockets. What up with that?

After the show, Morgan, Jessie and Becca and myself all sorta walked around for a bit and then headed back to the metro. I really wanted to go to the diner to chill with the Bex and Jessie, but i was way too exhausted. I havent seen Jessie since almost last spring when i visted her to see Sonic Youth. I miss her ass and her bed that is more comfortable than life. Wait, is life comfortable? I dont think I said a word on the way back home. So now it’s Saturday and I am finally well rested. I am seeing Jane’s Addiction tonite. I am taking pictures of them. I am going to meet them. I am beside myself. I am a proud man anyway
will you say hello to my ma? will you pay a visit to her? She was an artist, just as you were. I’d have introduced you to her. She would take me out on sundays. W e’d go laughing through the garbage. She repairing legs like a doctor on the kitchen chairs we sat on. She was unhappy, just as you were.

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