i keep looking at him in disbelief

NOW SHOWING AT THE FEZ - Under TIME CAFE - 380 Lafayette St. NYCWell since I got my recap elsewhere I was wisked away back to remember everything and when what happened. Go Mat’s memory. Short story: I went to NYC last week. Long story below:

Wednesday: We left around 7pm. We had intented on leaving butt crack early. Little did we know we are the best procrastinators and love laying in bed. So yeah. After all of Emily’s errands and computer stuff we hit the road and made dope time to the Hamilton station to catch the NJ Transit. Thanks NJ Jessica for the details. We missed the train waiting for us as we got there, so we had to wait 40 mins for the next one, but that proved to be amusing as my tummy was making mad crazy noises. And the Amtrak trains would whizz by and scare the shit out of us as they didnt slow down when they approached the platform. Fuckers. Made for a great sample but I was never quick enough to turn the minidisc recorder on in time.

We made it to Penn Station in NYC in just over an hour. We picked up some food next to where we were staying. I saw a girl with a camera. I didnt really say anything. I just gave Emily a look, but I dont think she caught it. Gotta love girls with cameras. Yum!

Thursday: We slept until 4pm. Well I guess I should re-phrase that. We stayed in bed until 4pm. I think we finally got up at noon. But there was something so comfortable about just laying there and talking and eating candy. Yum! Candy! And we all know the way to my heart is with food. We did finally make it outside. We ventured to Chinatown. I had never seen so much fish. It was pretty gross. But i dealt and kept my mouth shut like a good Jewish boy. We went to Emily’s favorite restaurant and ate weird stuff. Actually it wasnt weird at all. It was very normal in fact, cos I seem to eat too much fucking asian food these days. I need something new as i am getting too damn sick of it. I ate these noodles with chopsticks and totally made a fool out of myself looking like a 7 year old would have looked. We did both get WATERMELON juice. And damn was it good. Fresh and shit. Not sure why i capitalized that, I just left I needed to accent the fact that is was WATERMELON. Yum! I think we also got smoothies somewhere in there. Then we headed back to Midtown to get drinks with Morgan and Bethany at the Pool Bar. I felt a little out of place and had little to add to the conversation as it can typically be with me, but it was cool none the less. My anxiety in these situations are getting better and better. They both seemed cool. People I would have hung with too. Bethany had the best facial expressions. Indeed. The word, “Cockblock” was used a lot. And Prince was played 3 times that night. Pretty funny.

Friday: We actually got up and out of the house before Noon. We headed over to Washington Square Park to meet up with more of Emily’s cool friends. This time it was Danielle and Lacy and Lacy’s friend Mary. Danielle was vegan and had a 4 month child in her. I liked her. Very soft spoken. Lacy wore lots of Denim. And Mary was scared of Pigeons. Sucks to live in NYC. I liked them all. I liked the way Danielle dressed. After my Tofu Salad we headed to the Guggenheim Soho and the New Museum. The Guggenheim had the Sugimoto exhibit of his Portaits of the Wax Figures. Very amazing shots. I liked the Last Supper the best. It was cool seeing the lights used in a reflection in a glass. Perhaps intentional. It was just amazing to see the huge prints and the intense detail and lack of grian. Yum! The new museum was alright. I cant honestly remember anything overtly amazing. Lots of lame “arty” art. Like a wall of toothpaste or a box full of rubber balls. To me that is not art. But whatever, it’s only as good as it is to the creator. Just seemed like a waste of space to me. Similar to Morrisey.

Next was shopping! Emily did a little more than me. There are first times for everything. I didnt get to go in the dressing room with her, like I always like to, but maybe next time. I just walked around aimlessly and got looks from the girls wondering why a guy was looking at girl’s dress slacks. Actually, I didnt get as many as I usually would. Oh well. That was fun. We also looked at lots of shoes. I found a pair of red “almost” clown shoes at this one store, but they didnt have my size, dammit. I want them! I need new shoes. Buy me shoes. Shoes!!! Red ones too. After all that fun-ness we met up with Annette and Billy who may have been my low-key favorites. We ate at this quaint lil’ Pizza place. Annette was blunt as fuck and Billy seemed like what i aim to be. He was mega funny telling us about his toothbrush holder. Almost as excited as I can get about theremins and electronic music or Johnny Machine. Passion, I tell you, keeps you sane. The Pizza (or what i ate of it) was really good. The second kind of wine, too. I love wine drinkers. Big plus. After dinner Annette and Billy dropped us off near Broadway. Then we walked to the theatre to see “Puppetry of the Penis” – Too funny. It was like when those clowns made you those balloons that are shaped like an elephant or some farm animal. Only the balloon was their wang and balls. So strange, yet so funny. Piss funny. I was one of the only men there with any clothes on. Maybe 4 or 5 others accompanied me. The middle aged woman sitting to the right of me was funny enough with all the “oooohs” and “aaaahs” – It was almost as if she hadnt seen a cock since Nixon. So yeah, that was basically 85 minutes of two Australian men doing oragami with their cock and balls.

i've been reading about this smitten kitten...damn...hot damnSaturday: We slept through most of the afternoon yet again, but the day was far from wasted. So much fun with her, I tell you. Any girl that likes to lay in bed is a winner in my book. We did however get out of the house by 4pm. We made it to PS1 which Emily said is part of the MOMA and was in Queens. I love Queens cos my father grew up there. I feel at home there. There was a lot of animation projects there. Lots of cool stop-animation bits. Totally reminded me of when I used to do that when I was a young teenager. Then, it was pretty nerdy. I guess now, it’s arty or something. My favorite piece there was not part of the animation exhibit but the binaural exhibits and the Janet Cardiff piece of 40 speakers with each speaker getting it’s own singer’s voice. Truely remarkable and moving. Hearing them lick their lips felt as if you were in their throat was overbearingly awesome. Too good. Too sexual. Too blissful. I could have cried for days. And sharing that who museum with a foxy lil’ lady, was also a geniune benefit. I’ve never met a girl who liked so much of the same stuff as me and actually went out to do it and at the same time could teach me so much. Yum!

After all that madness we met up with Morgan and Bethany with their friend Aaron to check out Va Va Va Va Voom at Fez. It was that vaudvillian burlesque show. So much of it was David Lynch meets John Waters. There was even a dancing midget stripper. And nothing is better than tassles swinging around a nipple. It was euro trash to the extreme. I loved it, and never thought I would. That is always the best love.

After that show we went to another bar to meet up with Chris and Bridget. We drank more and Emily bought me some more drinks. I love that. I also love that she hailed and paid for all the cabs there. Bridget was very cool. I didnt get to talk much with Chris. Chris talked a lot about her shoot with Halle Barry. Kinda interesting and cool how “Robert Plant” her hair was. So before Emily caught herself on fire we hit the cab back home.

Sunday was pretty uneventful. We basically woke up, took a cab to Penn Station and took the train back to Hamilton, NJ and slept most of the way. Emily slept most of the way back to Baltimore. We talked little, but the silence was a good and needed silence. Lots of funny little looks. So yeah. Perhaps i am smitten. Perhaps it’s bigger than that. Perhaps it’s perfect timing. Perhaps it’s just rock. Perhaps it’s too good to be true. Perhaps I am still just insane. Perhaps it’s all about the footwear. Perhaps it just is.

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