africa talks to you (the asphalt jungle)

dude, the Crue rules!!!!!!!Friday was kind of a sucky day. I had to be at work at 4.30am at Dave and Busters or whereabouts to take pictures for the Harley Fatboy give-a-way with Elliot. Fun Fun Fun. So that was that until 10am. Then I went back to the station to put up those pictures and then the morning show guy from the country station came in to chat. We talked about going to lunch and getting beers all week. So he asked what we (me and Laura) drank and we said “Heinekin” – So he comes back to our office 10 mins later with a case of it! Fucking cold too! So needless to say friday got better real quick. Then I had to finish getting all my shit together for my backup while I am on vacation. That took almost an hour to finish up. Bye Bye work for 10 days!

After work I went home, packed and headed to Emily’s place in Baltimore. We were gonna go camping! Friday night consisted primarily looking at Emily’s film projects and some of her audio pieces. Some of the audio she did was incredible. Just sounds. Obvious sounds you hear every day, just never notice. Very cool. The night ended pretty early as I was already up for like 20 hours and on anti-histamines from her two cats. Fun Fun!

Saturday morning consisted of lying in bed for most of the morning. Then we finally got off our asses had lunch (?! – or did we?) then got the tent at a cool and down to earth Gay couple’s house. (And not in a nasty way, the fact was they were gay. kinda weird, i just pointed that out, i just didnt to come across as using “gay” as “bad” or “negative” , etc) Then next door we stopped by her friend’s Maria and Bill’s place. They fucking rock. #1: Their puppy is the bestest. #2: Their pretentiousness was so stylish and unobtrusive that it wasnt even pretention, it was cool. #3: That lucite table Bill made out of piping. They reminded me a lot of my friend in Hartford. After hitting Safeway (recombination then viacom) to pick up some bottled water, Trail Mix (yes, GORP, mind you!), and Smores stuff (chocolate graham crackers, marshmellows, and dark chocolate……..yum!) We ended up in the skinnee part of Maryland. Almost Garrett County. Fucking weird out there. Almost like the south only longer. We finally found the Cotoctan Campgrounds, but it was too late. The gates closed. Booo…and for some reason, it took us over 4 hours to drive out there and get dinner. It was mega Blair Witch and David Lynch out there in the sticks.

On the way back we listened to this mix tape that Feetnik made me in college. It was Simon and Garfunkel on one side and the Jackson 5 on the other. Emily asked me what we were listening to and i said “Simon and Garfunkel” – a few songs later she goes “Is this the Beatles?” – At the time it was really funny. It still actually really is for me, I just dont feel like explaining it all now. Elusive is my middle name.

So we finally get back to Emily’s apartment which is the coolest. Lots of shit everywhere. I love that. And it’s like 100 years old too. Huge windows. 2nd story. Reminds me of Boston when my Cousin’s lived in that Apartment. We then decided to pitch the tent in the middle of her main room. And roast the Smores in her fireplace. We got the fire going, but forgot about the marshmellows. Or course we didnt forget about the Blue Nun wine.

Today was also spend sleeping and laying in the tent all morning. We got lunch at this bad ass diner in town. It was like what Friday’s was trying to do with all the junk on the walls, only this place did it right and with class.

All in all, a fucking great way to start my vacation off. It’s incredible to hang with someone who does shit. Someone who is close to my age. Someone who has a crazy choice of non-animal tested shampoos. Someone who’s not a drama queen. And someone who understands how cameras work is always a double bonus.

It’s only a website.

P.S. Thanks Jessica (NJ) for the conversation and the Hulk Hogan tape. You are a wack!

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