you always won every time you placed a bet

Chef Joe Poon gives his ever-popular vegetable carving demonstration in which he quickly and skillfully turns modest vegetables into flowers, birds and spectacular scenesI remember some of my first early interactions with Elle. I think most of it was surrounded by the fact that we both thought that Bob Seger ruled. That and the fact that we both had mutual friends: Billy, Greg and that other guy whose name totally slips my mind. BEN! That’s it, Ben. Damn that memory. So yeah, she made me an MP3 of it the next day after asking for it. That ruled. And totally satiated my mind for a few hours. Last weekend when I was in Baltimore I bought two records for two bucks. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band’s Stranger in Town and Chaka Khan and Rufus’ Street Player. The later of the two was bought solely on the basis of the completely wacko album (yes, it is an album) cover. Total 70s madness. Also notable about this record is the fact that it’s on ABC Records. Chaka Khan baby baby. Chaka Khan.

Things to do:
:: Buy more AA batteries
:: Buy some C batteries for Christy’s “stuff” (Ha!)
:: Vacation
:: Enjoy vacation
:: Use the word: surreptitiousness (Thanks Emily)
:: Enjoy cleaned room
:: Finish studio projects with Daniel
:: Plan vacation
:: Buy film
:: Send Zut’s postcard
:: Process last weekend’s film
:: Eat Mom’s fresh baked Apple Cake
:: Watch more VH1 this week cos of 80s week
:: Get booty
:: Listen to vinyl more
:: Be more foul here
:: OM Fest anyone?
:: Buy more organic foods
:: Drink less beer and more wine
:: Be more obtrusive
:: Shave daily

korinne101: I’m going home.
mat: DO IT!
korinne101: ‘night
korinne101: have fun on your date
mat: i will
korinne101: use protection
mat: funny
korinne101: trojan works best
korinne101: night
korinne101 signed off at 7:26:19 PM.

My father just came in asking me to set up the headphones for him to listen to the Bob Seger record. So now i am listening to him sing along to the music and during the breaks when not humming I hear him mumble “Bob Seger, Hmmmm.” That rules. I love my Dad.

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