death cab for matty’s gift of sound and vision

dont even remember when emily took that shot...sneaky...but i like the shot of me, and that is a rare occurance...I am listening to 3WK.COM for the first time time. Miranda made a good recommendation. The first song that came on was a Mogwai song. Very loud and abrasive. Perfect for the quiet morning here at work with my 3 other co-workers. They havent told me to turn it off based on the sheer horror of asking me, i presume. I love that. MOGWAI! Death Cab for Cutie is on now. So indie rock I could kill you all.

So it’s been decided I am going on vacation next week. I am only telling the rents and the person(s) coming with me. Just like last time. You may see some pictures up here. You may not. Maybe i’ll mp3 some Commodores songs. Maybe not.

Last night was Morgan’s Birthday party. It was at ANNIE’S Steakhouse which was a “gay friendly” place. Lots of men. Four girls were there, however. Two of which were in our party. The other two had cocks. Damn i love that place. I will have to go back sometime. Lots of Red Red Meat on the menu. But we all cant be perfect. Morgan prolly had a little too much to drink. But dont we all at that age? Lots of fun. She sorta spilled a lot of stuff out on the table, so to speak, and in more ways than one. (Christy and her roomate were cooler than ever…mad props, mad mad props) Turns out she is going through the pre-college anxiety thing. But it’s completely normal yet she thinks she’s the biggest freak to walk the face of the earth. Little does she know that she’s more normal than she may realize. Damn, she’s only human. Luckily, she’s worked for Capital Records, a Major Market DC Rock Radio Station, and has oodles of charisma. She has more going for her than her whole class combined. She’s got nothing to worry about. Luckily she’s realize this one day. She better…or i’ll have to go to wherever she is and kick her ass, then go back home.

At work we have the “POOTY TANG JAR” – Basically it is for when every we sexually harass each other. (Nice how “ass” is in harass) So as you can tell sexual harassment in the radio station work place is a huge thing. Or at least in my room. It’s more a joke, but in a good funny way with people you know. So the jar is for when we say something of a harassing manner, you put in some money. Then at the end of the week we all take it and go out to lunch. At the rate we are going, we are going to take out the whole office. Damn! Hott damn!

Ambient noise above 70 db SPL was found to make human subjects tired and impair their thought processes. Noise below the threshold was barely fatiguing at all. Note that a car traveling at 70 mph generates approximately 70 db SPL of noise.

If you have a Lexus luxury sedan, you’re safe because the noise level at 70 mph is about 65 db SPL. Note that every drop of 1 db is significant and 5 db less noise is much much quieter. This is a logarithmic scale after all. If you have a modern compact, you’re probably just at about 70 db. A minivan like my 1993 Dodge Grand Caravan measures out at 73 db SPL. A sports car like a Corvette or a Porsche is well above 75 db SPL. Car & Driver magazine reports these important numbers if you’re interested in a particular car.

Every person’s threshold will be different, of course, but basically you can drive much longer distances comfortably if road noise isn’t wearing you out.

And I am listening to BRITNEY’S new record. It’s really pop. Like oooooozing pop. I also like how the Pharcyde uses a clip from the MC5. That is cool as shit.

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