i can hear you sing it to me in my sleep

you know it could be more than 5 months...could be six months...enough for you to go a little crazy...yeah, just about...And Emily and I also went to a photo exhibit in Baltimore. She actually had two really busy prints in it. It was so interesting how she put it all together digitally and then made negatives to actually print it herself. That stuff totally blows my mind away. There were some really interesting pieces in the exhibit. There were equally some really generic and textbooky type prints there as well. They just make me laugh. But whatever floats the boat. It’s better that than sitting and watching TV all day. Again as stated previously, it’s just very cool to hang with a girlie who is creative and does shit for herself and not just for school or work. It’s cool for a guy too. But girls are cuter and smell nicer.

You got the flavah

This friday I actually have to work, I think all day. Elliot is doing something at Dave and Busters. I think he’s giving away a Harley Fatboy. So i’ll have to go to take pictures. I am contemplating going for a little weekend vacation to visit Daniel and perhaps work on some studio recording. I hope he’s up for it. Then next week I plan to maybe go further north. My little week vacation is so needed. I am really begining to burn out on this computer shit. Perhaps this is why I am getting back in to my real still photography more and more now. I just need more tactile things in my life. Yeah, the digital camera is fun. But it’s really a $1,000 toy. There is something about waiting 2 days for prints that is amazing. But I guess there is something equally as amazing as prints in milliseconds. I guess it’s like the microwave vs the oven theories. Or wading in chemicals that will give you cancer, for hours into the wee hours of the night. I need to do more of that. Smell my fingers man! Smelly fingers.

Thank you Sir John Donges for the hilarious image today

So I just read an article on BT. It’s kind of weird how virually all of his vintage gear is what I use primarily. The Roland CR-8000, The Juno/Jupiter and even the new JP-8000. Sure, some of it sounds like Trans Am, but what are you doing? Nice record you have. Kinda interesting how we both prefer the Roland gear. Also interesting to see Doughty’s name in that magazine. I havent seen it (nor Soul Coughing’s) in print in years. Prolly since Summer of 1998, when Soul Coughing got a fabu review in The Washington Post. Hmmmm. Those were the days. They may say.

Five fucking months man. Goddam.

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