ride it, please

my lover loves rich men I am so tired I was up late last night.

I just have to tell you all this:

Sig�s uncle brought him a big stack of CD�s this weekend, in a plastic bag. A cd per year.

They contain EVERY SINGLE SONG that has been in the top 1000 from 1949 to 2000.

Every single song.

We were up way to late last night. Let�s talk about the shitty music that was going down in the mid-late nineties. (Lots of Tevin Campbell, Jodeci, Quad City DJ�s.)

Lot�s ofQuarterflash in the 80�s.

Probably averaging 60 songs or so for each year.

Oh my God though it is too much fun. We just got through part of the 80�s and 90�s. It is over a month of music, if you were to sit down and listen to these for over a month straight, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

SIg�s uncle is something of a maniac, and also has maniac friends who do this kind of thing. Who knows how long it took. Also, he brought every song ever recorded by Jimi, the Beatles, the Stones, Elton John, and a few others. EVER RECORDED.


Also, I am super jealous of Mat and his Princely ways.

Happy Easter, lil Jesus.

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