well, that’s like hypnotizing chickens

destin, fla - feets, gabe, charlene - cold oceanHappy Birthday to the Ebony Queen herself: Ms. Feetnik

I am of the belief that…
I saw Iggy tonite
Iggy rules and can dance like a mad man
I wish my chest was as cool as his
Addy and Amy left too early, cos they are pansy-asses
Emily stayed cos she rules
At least until our ears bled
She also has cool hair and rings
The band was a little too rock for that
Emily tripped outside of 930club
She recovered so eloquently
That really made me smile
I wish i heard NIGHTCLUBBING
Christy called me not once but three times
I never found her
She wanted to hang but i was long gone
Emily and Mat went to the diner
It was chill, like i like it
Tomorrow we get to hang and do fun stuff with her well thought out itinerary
I cant wait…
Girls with cameras are absolutely irresistible to me
I like being around chill people who are ooze creativity
I still have Christy’s “stuff” in the back seat of my car
I still find that humorous
Bob Dylan has cool hair
I miss pretention (sorta) and Hewson
And Feetnik’s funk (Happy Birthday, you hott thing)
I saw Iggy Pop tonite
Makes me want to eat Peanut Butter
Morgan knows way too much about the inner workings of Mat’s head
Is that weird?
Is she weird? Is she white? Is she promise to the night?
Good night.

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