hannibal can eat thisI currently have 999 posts on the BB’s. I’m going to refrain from posting until I feel it is absolutely necessary. The 1,000th post should be something extraordinarily fabulous. Or at least concern something of importance. Or at least I should have enough self-control to wait an afternoon before replying to every damn thing someone types.

Got an email from a friend back in ID that related his bar experience this weekend—getting stitches in the ER. Some bastard smashed a glass over his face when he was caught in the middle of a fight. What is wrong with all you crazy cowboys out west? I was out this weekend. It sucked. No young, hip, svelte DC urbanite tried to smash my friends in the face with a glass. Although I don’t wish that on my friends, I would pay to see a good solid bar fight break out. I haven’t seen a good solid bar fight since my days living amongst the cowboys. And I don’t mean sucker punches either. I mean glasses over the head. Welcome to Georgetown. Nobody wants to get down and dirty anymore.

I went to Richmond to see the younger brother yesterday. My mother and my father and me and his fratty-frat self tried to go out for Mexican food, but the place his roommates worked at had a fire, so they were closed. Thus, we settled for a sub-par meal at Chilis where the heater was broken. Richmond! Grrrr!

In other news, I saw Hannibal this weekend (Unlike Mat, I have some issues with it, one being that even though Julianne Moore was good enough in the role, she talked through her teeth. Does she have lockjaw or something? Jesus.)

The NBA All Star game was in town this weekend as well. The Significant Other and I were at Brickskellars in DC (1000’s of beers from all around the world, lots of sweater vests. Good peach cider from Canada. Canada! Who knew?) Anyway, we left and tried to drive out of the city. Wow. All I can say is wow. Traffic was insane, but we’re talking the best show I’ve seen in a long time. Lots of posse’s. Lots of phat rims. Lots of animal print and enormous hoop earrings and metallic and sequins and big heavy chains. Lots of Lexi and Mercedes and SUV limos and Hummers. Definitely a guy driving a neon-bedecked Lexus in front of us while drinking a 40. Like I said, wow. It was fantastic.

Also, Johnny Cash is in the hospital with pneumonia.

I am a high-order New Order fan. Fanus Maximus. It’s cool. Gay+Mat+New Order+Pet Shop Boys=Foxy.

And Jess, I hope your poop is back to being poop colored. (Note: At my parents house, they have a big sticker on the refrigerator that says POOP in big letters and is blocked out by a red sign (like the no smoking sign.) So, as The Parents say, “No Poop!” I don’t know why they have it, but the whole family finds it hilarious. Scatalogical!)

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