must I dream and always see your face

ballad of lindsay pumpkinheadIf My Life Were a Jeopardy Game my Categories Would Be:
1. Gummy Candies Around the World
2. Music 35 Year Old Gay Men Love, Besides Disco
3. John Cusack
4. The Snake River Plain
5. Who Wants to Get a Piece?
6. The Italian Renaissance
7. Tow Truck Drivers
8. Scatalogical Humor

The Deadly Sins That Will Get me in the End (in order):
1. sloth
2. gluttony
3. lust
4. envy
5. pride
6. anger
7. avarice

What Makes Me Laugh Outloud on a Daily Basis (no particular order):
1. Justin
2. Shannon
3. Mike
4. Daniel
5. The Significant Other
6. Jon Stewart
7. Women
8. One-Line emails

Hot Bods:
1. Madonna
2. Not Toni Braxton

PS Happy Weekend. Jeff Tweedy, 9:30 Club, Saturday at 9:00 pm. Damn Verizon all to hell. And happy birthday to you, KLM dahlink.

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