missionary position

ricky is costa rican, not filipino. Georgie ko tenga!Everyone has something special about themselves. Mine is my amazing attraction to Filipinos. Well, their amazing attraction to me.

I’m not kidding you! Out of four years in college, 3 roommates were Filipino! I love them! They are all psychotic, too! One didn’t ever wash dishes or take out the trash, but I can forgive him. Anyways.

Somehow one Friday night a few months ago I ended up at a karaoke place in Falls Church, Va. It is located in the basement of a restaurant. Needless to say, it is scary and enchanting at the same time. And also needless to say, it is owned by a Filipino family. It must be fate.

(It does employ a crazy Marine as a bouncer, though. Someone please tell me where there is a Marine base near Falls Church. He drives up from Quantico to work in a basement bar? Yikes. I’m also pretty sure he was attempting to slip roofies to people, but it could just be the paranoia talking. Beware of him and his impressive crewcut if you ever decide to patronize this establishment.)

I am considering making it my usual hangout. My new favorite song is by Cinderella and is entitled “Boypren ko tenga.” (That’s Filipino.) Since that Friday, the Significant Other has been dubbed the “Boypren” Why is this so funny? I don’t know. What I do know is that place was rockin’ when my friend Matt sang “Jack and Diane.”

Other stuff:

From my friend Mike:

2 notes on food:

1. There is a butter/margarine substitute called “Take Control”. Its
even-lower-fat counterpart is “Take Control Light”. Odd.
2. 2-liters of Diet Pepsi call Diet Pepsi “crisp”. Odd?

Also this, which I find much more amusing:

A snip from an article in a British music mag on songs that share chord structures. The following share up to 3 chords each:
The Verve “The Drugs Don’t Work”
Radiohead “Fake Plastic Trees”
Village People “YMCA”
Elvis Presley “Blue Moon”
The Housemartins “Happy Hour”
Natalie Imbruglia “Torn”

This must be sacrilege!

PS In the CD drive right now: Built to Spill’s “Keep it like a Secret.” I like it. Besides, Doug Martsch is from BOISE! He’s my homie. Also, word for the day is Colouphobic, (or something like that.) Go play on the O-M BBs. Then you can ask Daniel (ever-present in BB Land) what that means.

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  • elle, it’s coulrophobic!! maybe if you’d stop clowning around and pay attention, then you’d learn something…

    buh-doo-boom. thank you. thank you very much. i’ll be here all week, folks. how’s your steak, ma’am?

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