see where you drift?

Listening to Jeremy Enigck.

Sign apocalypse is coming: foot and mouth disease. Serves us all right.

A .001 % chance I will go out for dollar drafts tonight.

A 99.99% I will be bored this weekend, reminiscing with “old college friends” when I should be drinking green beer at 9 a.m.

The Roommate (the one who actually owns the house I live in) is a strange guy. I shall call him simply The Inventor. He recently got fired from his apartment manager job (I think from his 10th or 11th “career made just for him!” He’s the kind of guy that loves to talk talk talk, and comes off either slightly homosexual or as a big time huckster. Used car salesman. He was telling me all about his ex-girlfriend $7,000 boob job the other night. But I digress.) He also smokes a lot of pot.

The Inventor has recently torn the house apart to construct a bicycle helmet with cameras in it. He plans to install insulation in people’s attics, and videotape himself doing this so people can watch him work and know that he is doing a good job and not swindling them; by cheaping out and only putting, say, 6 bags of insulation in when the customer paid for 10. Do you find this funny? I do. But I keep telling him it’s a great idea because he looks so excited about it all. He’s “working from home” now. I give this whole grand scheme a month max before he’s back to selling overpriced condos to senior citizens. He’s already tried to sell insulation to my parents. Maybe he’s watching the rest of us get dressed in the mornings.

On another topic, I just realized “High Fidelity” is out on video now, and the three movies I actually own (Batman, Rushmore, and Grosse Point Blank) are sad and dusty on my shelf. Maybe I would go rent it if I owned a VCR or DVD player. Anyone interested in sending donations to the poor struggling artist can contact me at elle AT olympus-mons DOT com

Soundtrack to the First Year of my Existence
1. Hot Child in the City- Nick Glder
2. Baby Come Back- Player
3. I’m Every Woman- Chaka Khan
4. What I like About You- The Romantics
5. Le Freak- Chic
6. Because the Night- Patti Smith
7. Werewolves of London- Warren Zevon
8. Three Times a Lady- Lionel Richie
9. Deutscher Girls- Adam and the Ants
10. My Sharona- the Knack
Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” gets an honorable mention

PS Personal note: I’ve decided to start hissing whenever I hear celebrity news, just like gay men. My friend Matthew is a champ at this. For example; elle: “Hey Matthew, did you hear Rocco wore a KILT at the WEDDING?” matthew: “HIIISSSSSSSS! What a tramp!” I love that kid.

PPS I hate to keep backing up and running over the same squirrel, but xavier? In hiding?

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