sheila, take a bow

elle and friend, summer 1991Last night I spent a good chunk of time finishing up mix tapes for people (I’ve somehow found myself in 3 or 4 trading groups like O-M’s; something’s got to give. No fear, it won’t be you guys. I also read the very hilarious book called “Letters from A Nut.” This guy has an alter-ego named “Ted L. Nancy”, and he writes fake letters to corporations. It’s so kick ass. He wrote a bleacher company to ask if there was etiquette when passing people in full bleachers- crotch-first or butt-first. He wrote the Lakers to say he had a medical condition where he had to cut the butt out of his pants, but he wanted to jump up and down cheering for his favorite team, and wanted to know if that would disturb anyone. He wrote the Holiday Inn to ask them if they had found a toothhe lost. Anyway, it’s a scream, go find it and read. Sig Other has a theory that Seinfeld himself wrote it (he wrote the intro to “Mr. Nancy’s” letters.) He may be right, I dunno.

Work is busting my ass recently, even though it seems like I am constantly online here at O-M. No no, it’s all a façade, my sweet little pets. In reality, I work. And go to meetings. About nothing. And call people on the phone.

I’m “part of the solution,” a “problem-solver,” “sacrificing for the team” and “putting in 110%.” I “think outside of the box” and “challenge our competition.” I “make the complex simple.” I “strive for excellence.”

My semi-annual review is coming up (I think). It all comes down to who the best bullshitter around is. Consider me in Olympic-size training.

Little did you all know you were in the presence of such talent.

Dutch Senate Legalizes Euthanasia
THE HAGUE (Reuters) – The Dutch upper house of parliament on Tuesday voted to legalize euthanasia, making the Netherlands the only country in the world to permit mercy killing. Forty six members of the 75-seat Senate voted for the bill, 28 voted against and one member was not present. Once Queen Beatrix signs the law and the details are published in official legal media, the legislation will enter into force. This process is expected to take about two weeks.

Those crazy Dutch. Sure know how to have a good time. I do agree with them tho.

PS No guy ever left me vinyl on MY doorstep. Sulk.

PPS Thing I hate most right now: pollen. Runner up: the broken pen in my purse.

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