all the lovers in the world

flying child on tramp

Tuesday, S and I went to Burlington Coat Factory, the home of the worst clothes and colored glass collection EVER. There was a glass rainbow rooster there. I want that cock.

I am an alternating soul. My choices are vast, in the next year several things could happen. I could settle down, buy a townhouse with a postage stamp yard, have a kid and drive to work in my Camry everyday. I could move again, I have been job hunting on the sly, and although housing could be an issue I have confidence in myself that things could work out, and if they don�t I could just come back home and regroup as is my hobby.

In today�s Post, there is an article on Henry County, VA� the Southwest corner of the state, where unemployment is skyrocketing and maybe some farms are for sale, and I can raise pygmy goats and be happy, maybe forever.


I am thinking about the tents my brother and I would build under the dining room table in the old, small house we lived in when we were little. The tents were always made with an old white blanket of my grandmother�s with roses printed on it, and cardboard blocks that looked like bricks. I�m remembering how it had a screen door and my mother would keep a fan on in the kitchen, because it was hot and air conditioning was a luxury. The soundtrack is Carly Simon and Kenny Rogers and Rolling Stones and Billy Joel�s �Innocent Man.�

I was thinking five minutes ago about beautiful friends that settle for non-beautiful people. I was thinking about breakups, and how people are stupid, and how people don�t know what they�ve got til� it�s gone, and how every rose has it�s thorn, and then about big hair bands. Like Poison.

Ten minutes from now, I will decide from now on my dreams will only be happy ones, and I think I can control my dreams. I will think about the torture of waking up too early in the morning, and how maybe if I keep my shades drawn all the time, I�ll never know the true time, and can trick my body into thinking it�s later than it really is. I�m thinking about Daylight Savings, and how next weekend, before I leave for Texas, maybe I�ll call Kris and we�ll go lay on her parents trampoline like cats, listening to Nick Cave and eating snacks and talking about things and getting tan and looking up into sycamore branches. And, about the time the man who lived behind her set himself on fire and walked through the backyard. Actually, I�m thinking that right now.

Also: California; News of the Weird, Turin Brakes, and a girl I use to know named Leslie, who had a large flat tongue like a dog�s, so when she got her tongue pierced it was this hilarious little lost silver speck on her massive, massive tongue.

Also, I bought an Accord last night. I live in NoVa, work for The Man, and drive an Accord. I�m going to get something pierced this weekend to counteract all this. It�s sunroof doesn�t have an old-school crank. I�m a Power Option girl now, complete with financing. True Purchase= Honda. Secret Wish= Gremlin.

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