gonna buy me an omni

In my car this morning as I sat in traffic. And sat. And sat. And sat: Jazz June, Modest Mouse, Jimmy Eat World, Minor Threat, Built to Spill, and Jason Falkner

Weekend = completely uneventful. I felt like I was walking backwards for two days- does that make any sense? Kind of fun, yet uncomfortable and the whole process made me slightly dizzy. I won’t go back ever, really. Not just to chill…. Anyway, hung out, heard some good stories, played in the rain, watched some sporting events. Bought some books. The end.

I have a crush. I received a very special gift in the mail yesterday from Justin, my token “Friend Who Moved To California To Make It Big After Graduation” (everyone has one of these.) He sends me fun stuff he finds in the seedy backstreets of North Hollywood. I have always denied was the true love of my life until I saw the “21 Jump Street” trading cards in my mailbox. Now I know- some things are meant to be.

All this speak of haircuts on the BB’s is making me antsy, and thus the longish golden locks of Elle may not be longed for this world. I’m thinking short. Sixth grade Vision Street Wear short. That would be crazy. I start this talk up once or twice a year and never really go through with it. I’m serious this time. I’m a woman. Remember how I’ve been looking for a hobby? Maybe I’ve just been looking for a haircut.

Annoying thing of the day: I know people say this all the time. My friends say this all the time. You reading this, you probably say this all the time. Why call people “busted?” Why not just call them ugly? Where did this start? Who needed this as an ugly code word? Where am I? Where are my pants? Stop this ride of fad-speak. I want to get off. I think. Everyone should instead use the word “tombeer” in place of “tomorrow.” I would follow that fad, Carol Ann.

PS So “Miss Wyoming” wasn’t his best, but I still think he’s dreamy in a left-of-center kind of way. I know he’s Canadian. He can’t help that. Can he? —>

PPS Ended up number 2 in my NCAA pool, baby. Kiss my lily white female ass.

PPPS For Zac and his Optimus Prime way of life I didn’t even get this whole thing until a few weeks ago. Gaddamn, I am so slow sometimes.

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