ice weasels

I so own mat’s soulA story.

I recently bought a copy of Counting Crows “August and Everything After” on cd. I have it on tape, but I wanted the cd as a replacement to the one I lost when I crashed my car and the tow truck driver stole a significant amount of my collection (okay, so this was four years ago, but I am still slowly replacing stuff.)

I thought that all was well when I bought a copy for less than 6 bucks off of Amazon from someone selling it used. I was fine with that, this cd is not crucial. So, I bought. As I have bought from Amazon used before, it’s always worked out rather well.

Until now.

I opened my package yesterday and found a mint condition Hootie and the Blowfish.

Conversation as follows:

Elle: (insert above story here…) “and found a mint condition Hootie and the Blowfish.”
Sig Other: “Was it at least their good one?”
Elle: (incredulously) “Are you dicking with me?”

I have another story that concerns tampons at a friends workplace, but I’ll save that for later. And when I say later, I mean never.

From the new issue of Émigré magazine, courtesy Mike:


”In your top-10-films*-of-all-time-list you will probably find some items that, if seen for the first time now, wouldn’t survive your current critical standards. And still they are the ones that brought you the unforgettable user experience. And now, much better films from much better directors will probably never cause you to feel that way again. Now you know better.

*or songs, or design pieces.”

Other Stuff:

Sig Other leaves for Iceland on Saturday. Sig Other is not taking me. But Sig Other and I may save up and go to Africa next year. Rock.

I want Starbucks. BAD. Damn them. I hate Starbucks. That mermaid logo with her wee beady eyes, taunting me. Corporate Coffee!

PS I own Mat’s soul. Anyone who wants a piece, just let me know.

12 Responses to “ice weasels”

  • quality vs memory quality? sorry, but that’s a bunch of crap. to me, old skool movies are so much better than what’s being put out now. you know, less kissy kissy, more history. hitchcock, kubrick, and wells will never be surpassed….

  • daniel-

    for the most part, u have never been more right, except when hitting the drums,

  • rage.

    i never claimed to have written it.


  • They will be surpassed…and we have no idea what will become “cool”…we can’t say that 20 years down the line our children won’t be buying used copies of Nelly Furtado on vintage CD much like we’d easily snatch a 4 dollar copy of “Greetings From Asbury Park”

  • hm…i’m not sure what you’re responding to exactly, daniel. that doesn’t seem to be the point/issue of the snippet Elle quoted at all. i think it’s basically saying that if Goonies still tops your favorite-of-all-time list 15 years after that fateful afternoon your cousin introduced it to you, it probably has more to with that sentimental attachment than that you actually believe that it stands up against the collected works of Kubcock or whoever. that’s how i read it, anyway.

  • no, al. it said there may be some items in my top ten movies or whatnot (i went w/the movies) that may not hold up if i saw them for the first time again. i say bullshit. not true in my case, which is why i said “to me”. i wasn’t speaking for you or anyone else. it was an opinion. mine. i understand what you’re saying, but i’m quite capable of understanding what was written above. thanks for the concern though….

  • there is a much more important issue at hand gentlemen, and that is what to do with my brand-spankin-new Hootie and the Blowfish.


  • well, Daniel, if what you really meant was that your critical eye/ear is more developed than anyone else’s and that you have had the most discerning, sophisticated tastes, even as a young child, then that’s all you had to say. Maybe some day the rest of the human race will be as advanced as you! Until then, you shall be the uncontested arbiter of good taste.

  • i never realized how much of an asshole you could possibly until now. fuck you. ya ignorant prick…

  • retract claws, ladies, or i will be forced to reprint old recipes out of “good housekeeping” instead of mind-stimulating thought-provoking pieces such as this. now back to my hootie disc, i am thinking it wants to be set free. like out my window. it has a need to fly.

  • e,

    The question is…what would Kembrew do with a brand spanking new Hootie and the Blowfish CD?


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