basically it’s this

you have five minutes to clean out your deskWe hate to be the ones to tell you this; but…..

We don’t deem you interesting enough to be here.

From his point forward, you are not interesting enough to be involved with elle. That’s right, you heard me. You do not possess enough stank. You do not amuse me. I am easily bored, and you let me down. It is your job to entertain me, and I must state with great EMPHASIS, you have disappointed me once again.

Looks will only get you so far. And, well, in your case… you came to a screeching, uncomfortable halt a long time ago. We are only willing to overlook so much.

We think you have potential. Thought you had potential. Don’t get us wrong. You could do beautiful things if you’d get off your ass. But elle does not see you doing this at any near point in time. So we’re going to have to let you go.

Use this time wisely. Think, contemplate, wonder, imagine. It takes hard work and determination, but you too can pump up your personality. Repossess your fumbling mind. We beg of you.

We expected so much more.

PS the quality of this photo is fucking BREATHTAKING

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