Back to seasonal work, we do think of you and miss
you. Got to see B. today. He seems to be doing
okay. Shila and her friend Jaris (who is working for
NHA) and I have made it our mission to find B. a
women. They are setting him up to night with one of
thier friends who just ended a relationship last
winter. She is from Challis and works for the Forest
Service in Mackay so who knows. Other than that nothing new same ole same ole. What is going on in your Life?

Good fucking question. What IS going on in my Life?

I can give you the general; like This Weekend:

–saw Pearl Harbor. Less kissy kissy, more history, please. It was Titanic set in Hawaii. Eff that.

–Went to eat yummy Chinese Food with an ex-roommate. Analysis: Her ex-boyfriend is a dick and she should move up to DC! Yeah! Screw LA! LA Is for SUCKERS! Except for Opus and Jessica.

–Went to a party of old friends, ex-radio-station geekies from college, and a lot of people wearing horn-rimmed glasses. Uber alternative.

–Slept in late, ate good food. Ben & Jerry’s.

That was This Weekend. It was a nice, dull, elle weekend.

(Sidenote: about the above quoted email. I am HAPPY they are setting B. up. Really. I am HAPPY. Ecstatic, even. Joyful. Maybe he will find a nice girl he can settle down with. Maybe he will be happy, too. Maybe. Maybe he will be as happy as I am, maybe he’ll have some strange feeling I’ve been having lately (call it nesting instincts) that…well… maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to wake up next to the same person for the next 60 years. Maybe he’ll find all that in a girl that works for the Forest Service in Challis. She’ll be his Sig Other. Maybe she’s a hippie with a heart of gold. All I know is, please don’t send me emails about this. Relationships are hard enough without having updates on ex-things dating lives. I can’t care.)

2 Responses to “pipe”

  • Chad Smith doesn’t ring any bells (besides the RHCP drummer), but you mean Chad Clark (ex-Smart Went Crazy, currently working on the new Fugazi and DPlan albums), then color me impressed and geeked out.

    less kissy kissy, more history! that’s my new motto.

  • so maybe i just make up last names if i cant remember them, but I could have SWORN they said Chad Smith.

    but i dont pretend to know nuthin bout nuthin.

    elle smith

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