send in the clowns

Do you ever forget how good the Counting Crows really are? Stop laughing. They are good crying music. GOOD crying music. I think I spent all of 1997 crying to Recovering the Satellites; and the summer of 2000 crying to August and Everything After. I’m a puss.

–Mixtape of today: I am having too much fun putting together a mixtape for K. who wrote me and asked me to make her a mix to expand her music, open her mind. Way to go, K! That girl is an alright girl. However, now I am going overboard, writing comments for every song I have on here, what bands are similar to what bands, roots and influences. I have the tape broken down into “chapters”: Y’all ternative, Bloody Brits, Girls, Songs You Scream Along to While Driving 95 MPH At 3 AM When You’re Mad At the World, Etc. All the important Elle subgenres. This reminds me, I need to get the move on the Feets’.
–Taste of today: Subway veggie sub and extra mustard
–Smell of today: Honeysuckle! Outside my house! I love honeysuckle, if it gets to hot it will die.
–Sight of today: A woman came into the office wearing stirrup pants and high heels. I don’t know she is, but I SO want to meet her.
–Emails of today:
#1: From Shannon.
(Happy Mesmerism Day Card Flashing Blue Mountain Card with a scary George-Washington-like head that says: You are getting sleepy; Now go make me a cake!)
It’s Mesmerism Day!
Use the power of suggestion
to get your way today.
Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, Austrian physician
(May 23, 1734 – 1815)
Considered the Father of the Mental Health Industry, Dr. Franz Mesmer used his own practice of mesmerism, combining hypnotism and the power of suggestion, to cure his patients.
I only sent it because it said make me a
no seriously go do it.
#2: From Justin
I got arrested last night. Really. 8 hours in jail, courtdate in June.
–Thought of today: I do love me some Justin

At work right now I am putting together a puzzle (well, not this very minute… this very minute I am typing these words and I can’t rightly be doing that and puzzling at the same time, now can I?

Yes, I am at work trying to complete one of those vertical standing puzzles. It’s a long story as to why I am doing this, but it mostly revolves around a trade show activity and They want me to put it together beforehand to see if all the pieces are there.

And that is why I have half a standup jukebox puzzle on my office floor.

Fuck May!

PS I am obsessed with I check it everyday.

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