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The Baby Formerly Known As Zygie


Lily Doria
Born 08:40am
Tuesday, June 12
8lbs 11.57oz
21 inches

Dana (our Nurse), Dad, Mom, Lily & David (our Nurse Midwife)


Frankie Duman Dandy of the Westport Duman Dandys and the Danky Du’s of Appalachia


I just wanted to remind everyone about Frankie’s career. When she found us she was still a Cartographer with the Royal Geographic Society. She traveled mainly in Egypt and throughout Africa. While there she enjoyed sipping martinis and smoking cigars in the private libraries of the Royal Geographic Society.

She later left the Society to go in to Academia in the States. Shortly thereafter, she was hand-picked for the FBI. We can’t talk about any more details with that part of her life.

And now, after becoming disillusioned with the FBI, she’s following in her Daddy’s footsteps to start a career in organic crop dusting.

Fetusville – Enter Zygie

So it happened. BABYTOWN! My seed worked!

We’re having a baby!

Emily is just beginning her 2nd trimester. The birthing center told us our baby would be due May 26, 2007.

We heard the heartbeat again today via Dopptone and I recorded it. The fast wooshes are the heartbeats. Fetal heartbeats are usually fast and our Zygie was about 167-8 BPMs. It totally reminds me of a little kangaroo inside Emily’s tummy throwing boomerangs. Listen below:

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By the way, we’re not going to see the gender until it pops out.Below is the sonogram from 4 weeks ago when we were 8 weeks:
The Zygote!
Yay! Nothing better than procreating the liberals!