Monthly Archive for June, 2000

goobers eye blind

Soundtrack of the day: Neil Young, Third Eye Blind (!?), Prince.

Wow! It’s nice when the boss calls you in to work and you don’t have to wear the required uniform. It seemed i almost got more respect from the customers this way…I was a real person! I want to live. Hmmm, go figure. Anyways…i did get paid for 3 hours of work that took 1 hour. Getting paid a little over minimum wage to eat Goobers ain’t too bad. Actually it sucks, i need a real job…someone hire me! -i’ll pay you! ha!

You are still prolly contemplating the fact that i did listen to Third Eye Blind today. More so that i admitted it. And even MORE so, that i admitted it publically on a webpage! To tell you the truth i am really liking this second Third Eye Blind record. I know i shouldnt really like it…as too many 14 year old alterna-teens like it. But i have heard people think that i am a closet 14 year old girl. so it could be! anyways…i do enjoy it and have been all day.

Boston is in two days! I can’t wait. “A spendid time is guaranteed for all.” to quote the Beatles ever so nicely.

a hard ivy’s gonna fall

Soundtrack: MC5, Bowie, Lamb, Trans Am, Can, Nobukazu Takemura, William Orbit’s Pieces in a Modern Style, and the Flaming Lips.

Happy Father’s Day to all my fatha’s out there…mad props. which brings mat to another childhood story (you may be thinking, “another?!”, but there hasn’t been a first. it’s ok…you are not crazy.) so let’s kick back to 1986. chillin’ in the room the parents conveniently called the “library” due to all the “books” on the shelves. anyways…i was galavanting in there looking through some random books, i am sure an encyclopedia (before they were only on your dinky computers,) or a dictionary, and my father comes in with a smile on his face. he says simply, handing me this psychology book, “have you read this one, son?” the book read: I’m OK, You’re OK, We’re all OK. At that moment on i knew my father was a little eccentric, but in such a good way. humor is a good trait to have in a father. he’s be a chill man. love it.

Turns out the poison ivy wasn’t poison ivy after all. just an allergic reaction to life i presume. i did, however, get lovely steroids to take. i really wonder about the state of medial care in the united states.

Oh my! it sure is raining hard outside. reminds me of that fabulous james song called lester piggott. lyrics are provided to the left. some of my favorite lyrics are in these words.

“A yellowstone ranger was struck in seven times by lightning on separate occasions. does that make him unlucky? did he aquire supernatural powers?”

I am working hard these days on finding work as always…wanna hire me in the DC area? email me!

canary in a coalmine

So it’s official! I have poison ivy. yuckness. it’s all over my eye and neck. i have to stop playing in the garden! luckily i have an appointment tomorrow with the dermotologist who will hook me up with the dope meds. (no pun indended?!)

It is friday. yes, it sure is! my ‘rents are going to newton, ma for the weekend. have you all been there? great air, great water, great accents, great woods, great anchors on the news, great ponds, great city noise, great locals, great politics. i need to get there. next week sounds good.

Mat works part-time at Blockbuster Video, if you didn’t know already. today we got a letter from a customer sending in their late fee and the check enclosed was made out to “Greedy Bastards.” i love it! i laughed for a whole minute. wouldn’t you? people are funny and some smelly.

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