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new england

NEW SECTION!!! – MP3 Madness…or something of the sort…very funny answering machine messages, crank calls, & much much more…all original content here – taped by none other than the elusive Mat. If you have interesting and/or funny clips, be sure to send them Mat’s way. Props.

Soundtrack for the workday: The Guess Who’s Greatest Hits, Jonathan Richman’s Breserkly Years, Sinéad O’Connor’s The Lion and the Cobra and Brian Eno’s Apollo.

The network admin is down here at work. And as i need to work on that to update my pages/work i have nothing to do right now…so i am posting here for you all! Gotta love this gig.

So i got to talk to a college (college #4) friend from where i went to school in the dirty south last night. Actually she didn’t go to the school, but her husband went to the school with me a few years before. She is doing great and it was wonderful to talk to her. But at the same time, when you are stuck in a college town it’s incredibly hard and virtually impossible to evolve, so it was a little sad. And it’s soooo awful hearing the stories of people going out each night and drinking themselves to a pulp. I used to say it was because there is nothing else to do in the south, but i got around fine with out acting like a silly person whose IQ was under 120. (relatively!- i did play in many of rock bands…so i guess i had an excuse!?) But whatever, it’s nothing off my back. They’re doing it to themselves. Drama gets lame really quickly. Even when you are not involved in it. Them…Us.

So, i recently have been getting in to Jonathan Richman’s music. He was sorta big in the Northeastern underground proto-punk/rock scene in the 70s. Similar to the Velvet Underground in NYC in the 70s. I never really knew anything about Jonathan Richman, except he was a Yankee and was on that History of Rock and Roll documentary PBS did years ago…anyways…it’s very cool, cos he is SOOOO pro-New England. He talks about the Turnpike, the T, and the Stop and Shops (a Yankee grocery store for those who are unaware).

I never wanted to be a “Northern Elitist.” But sometimes when you get put in certain positions you get to see the world in a different light. Then it all makes sense. But i never have to go back south again and it’s almost like in my mind the US ends after Virginia. I like my selective memory and how it works.

Fresh Pinneapple, Toast and Marmalde

Soundtrack of the past few days: Jonathan Richman, Brian Eno’s “Apollo,” Galaxie 500, Prince (circa 1978-80) & Minor Threat.

Enter mp3 section!!! Basically this is a section for Mat’s old hobby of taping people. Enquire within. Details included. Indulge. Submit your own as well.

In other news, Mat went with Jessie to DC to see the Galapagos Islands IMAX film. Tres good. Then we went to Georgetown to see if they had the Yellow Puma’s I was looking for last time I was there (with Zut!). But of course they didn’t have my size again, DAMMIT! Anyways…that was fun. Ate ice cream. Ran around the Metro like banshees. Well sorta…Gosh, I love the Metro

The Internet

So, After Lesson Questions:

How did you find out about the Internet? How has it changed you? What sort of role does it play in your life?

So,Last night I was watching 20/20 (or some variation of that program) with John Stossel about free speech and how in America today we are losing a lot of rights re: free speech due to being Politically Correct and so forth. Since, at times I’d like to think of myself as an artist, being denied my right to say whatever the hell I’d like to (four letter words and all) it scares me quite a bit that there are people (from my generation and others) who are damning words.
In the report that Mr. Stossel gave, he spoke about Sexual Harassment, Colleges and their new ways of protesting, and also the almighty Internet.

So,Seeing as though my beloved Al Gore invented it, I thought I’d pay some homage to my man and the device that I don’t know if I’d be able to live without. I remember way back in the day I believe I may have been 12, when the Internet was just surfacing on the main stream. How did *I* first hear about the Internet you ask? I read a tiny article in Details magazine. It’s odd how we remember things so vividly, like I should have known it was a prophecy.
It was such a novel idea (to a 12 yr old girl who grew up in a town of 20,000)! People talking to one another on a computer? Fascinating. So, I set out and had to get me one of those computers. My mother wasn’t always the slickest of the lot, so it took me three years after that article to hear the sound of a modem, fresh and clear.

So,Does anyone else remember the days when it was almost impossible to find information on the Internet? Some things were available, but nothing like the past few years. When people talk about the Internet boom, they basically refer to the financials and quarterly reports, but when I refer to it, I’m talking about the revolution that rocked my world. When I first “logged on” it was chat rooms, then it progressed to finding info about reports, now I can buy a house with the click of a button. I can buy discounted cigarettes, write in an online journal, design my own car and then buy it (the color at least), buy a bed, read a review of a NY times bestseller and then have it delivered to my office in a day, people can even order drugs and have them delivered to their home.** The possibilities are endless, now with the world realizing the profound impact on society and on culture that the internet has had and will continue to have, I expect a lot more. Stephen King and his web-book (which I might add is of no absolute interest to me because of my loyalty to the “feel” of a good book on the beach, not a laptop) are trying to go even further with the capabilities of e-commerce.

So, People my age and younger, are growing up in a world where almost anything is accessible, ready and delivered by mail. Information on health, sports and the Wall Street Journal are here, along with so much more. There are websites for anything someone could dream up, tests to see if you are optimistic or pessimistic, color tests (see mat’s post on Color testing and it’s uncanny accuracy, also for a plethora of cool e-tests see mat’s bio), and there’s always the pornographic websites**, which are pretty self explanatory. We, along with the Internet, have evolved. God Bless Al Gore!
** – I, in no way shape or form, condone drug use or pornographic materials; however if one chooses to view and/or consume such “things” – I shall smile the goofy, “I-Know-Nothing-Smile”, just like Al Gore’s.