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i got a friend named jesus

Music of the week: JSBX, Dinosaur Jr. (circa 1988-1991), not Barrio Boyzz, the Flaming Lips, the Who, and now introducing: Norman Greenbaum.

Today when i was driving back from work, I heard ‘Spirit in the Sky’ by Norman Greenbaum on the radio. Which prompted me to think of the ‘SuperStar’ movie with Molly Shannon. There was a really funny scene involving that song. I liked it muchly. Anyways, back to the song: If you listen closely to the rhythm instrument in the right speaker you can hear a grittified sound. It’s either a really nastily distorted guitar or a tenor sax. I really hope it’s a guitar that is really overdriven, cos if it is, that man got some dope ass tone. Even if it’s a sax, that is cool. Sax is just an un-necessary instrument in the musical instrument food chain. Well, except for Coltrane and Maceo.

Speaking of work: I got my desk today! I got a computer/phone/pens galore. But most of all, I got my own prized tape dispenser. I was in tears.

Jessie Belle is on her way over to come to dinner with me. Yeah! She is moving to Philly soon for a year or so, so my one old school friend here in DC will be leaving. Looks like weekend trips to Philly are gonna happen soon too. I hope bands tour there. But i am sure they will as it’s not the south. And speaking of bands: If you are in the DC area next week, be sure to come out to Fort Reno to see Fugazi and more so, Trans Am. More soon.


I played Scrabble tonite. I lost horribly. What a wacked game. I miss board (bored) games. Does anyone still play board games? I guess kids kill people now. Weird. Dylan was right.

On a brighter note: I am really excited to hear that a Judge has finally issued an injunction on the napster empire. Which means they will have to shut down temporarily until the trial is brought to an end. I am thinking that napster will really finally be shut down after the trials, as, if the RIAA acquired the injunction they more than likely will have proof of the blatant copyright infringing going on. damn napster.

Oh yeah! Remember that Concord crash yesterday? I noticed that the Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and the New York Times all had the news of the Concord crash in Germany posted on their websites just minutes after the news came in. Just for fun, i decided to check out the Tennessean’s (one of the relatively largest Tennessee newspapers) website hours later, giving them the benefit of the doubt. Result: Not a word of the crash. Just a bit slow on the news down there. And it wasn’t even a slow response time for getting the news out there. …it was non-existant and for a big tragedy. I hope they know we landed on the moon.

A Brief Intro / Rant ECRUSH.COM

So, I’m guessing the latest news for me would be the opportunity to post periodically or as frequently as possible on OM.

Since this is my first random topic and as it is killing me to know, I shall discuss a website:

Over the weekend I received an email from, she told me that someone (through space, time and cyber-waves) has a crush on me. Now, they couldn’t make this easy on a girl could they? There are a few a ways that this little business of “ecrushing” works. First, someone (let’s call him Specimen A-Mr. Wonderful ) goes to he would then list who he has a crush on. Seeing as though Mr. Wonderful wants Miss Right, that is who he lists, he puts in her First and Last Names, her Email address, and then the State or City in which she resides. After this short process of turning someone’s life inside out, sends Miss Right an anonymous Email about the site, that someone has a crush on her and to log on ASAP!

What is it that Maggie did not tell Miss Right? That’s it is the most nerve wracking thing on earth when Miss Right finds out someone, anyone could be secretly in love with her. Miss Right then logs onto fills out some info about her righteous self and then begins to list people she a) has a crush on or b) randomly lists possible stalkers, strangers, or friends. What does this lead to? Hopefully, the almighty “Match” (as our dear friend Maggie would lead us to believe is the be all end all) will come about.

Now, put a semi-neurotic young female subject to random crushes in Miss Right’s shoes. I, Miss K, have been Ecrushed. Yes, Maggie has sent me on a search for the almighty “Match” and god help me if I can figure out who it is. I have called people, I have accused, and still I come up with zilch. For someone who feels as though they are perceptive and intelligent, very well may be torture.
I have listed a few possibilities, but none have panned out. Maggie tells me that when I find a match will send me a confidential email (is any email confidential anyway?) telling me I have a match and to hurry up and log on! I’m still waiting for Maggie**…she’s not working with me on this one and she’s better at keeping an e-secret than the Clinton Administration.