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I am Jessica?

I am Jessica?i am jessica?

Newest addition to, Jessica here; and I wanted to take a few to introduce myself. So I started thinking, “Who am I? Who is Jessica?”, and I realized that I had no idea. I can tell you who I was 4 years ago, or even 2; and if you’re lucky enough, I would tell you who I was 2 months ago. But what good would that be? Right now – today – at this moment in time, I have no idea who the HELL “I” am.

I am a college dropout – and this, my friends, both kills and embarases me. Straight into my freshman year at the University of Arizona, I chose to spend my days inside the darkroom lab instead of a real classroom. I know I need to go back and get myself one of those degree things. But two years later, it’s getting a little hard. I will go back, it’s just a matter of when and where.

In the two years I’ve been free from the confines of a “higher education”, I’ve taken one class. An all-around easy class, Sociology, with the worst professor/hippie possible. Each class somehow slipped into a heated argument of pollution and the environment. Which, of course, left me with less of an impending urge to go back.

See, I lack patience and want everything now, Now, NOW. I want my degree now. I want my dream career (writer and photographer for a major music industry magazine like Rolling Stone) RIGHT NOW! I want to skip ahead 10 years and be who I know I’ll be. It’s just a matter of passing this petty time caught inbetween. It’s a matter of making the decisions and creating the positions necessary to accomplish that.

I can tell you who I’ll be 10 years from now. But RIGHT NOW, who am I?

  • I work 2 jobs. Three if you count my photography.
  • I’ve had a series – no, make that a long string – of failed relationships that sometimes haunt me on a daily basis. (Haunting in both a good and bad sense).
  • I live at home with my parents so I can pay back my student loan of 1 year. (Beleive me, it’s high).

tell you what famous people I’ve met, but what good would that be to you?
I could tell you how much $$$ I make, but that wouldn’t solve the problems of the world.
I could tell you what my palm reader tells me, but then things would change.
But none of this tells you who I am as an actual “person”. What would?

I‘m optomistic.
I‘m beautiful.
I‘m funny.
I‘m creative and multi-talented.
I‘m happy.
I‘m Jessica.

But that just brings me all the way back to my first question. Who the hell is Jessica?

Jessica, man. I’m Jessica. Deal with it.

Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you who I really am.

who is that girl?

who is that strange woman with mat?!?!

I’ll give free pixie sticks to anyone who can tell me who the woman is. Seriously!

lou reed

Jewish MulletThe JewishMullet is apparently cleaner and more intelligent than most other mullets. This species usually minds its own business and is absorbed in studying Finance, Accounting, Medicine, Law, or Physics. The problem is, he also really wants to RAWK! (Kind of how Neil Diamond really wanted to rock American style in The Jazz Singer.) When these 2 seperate, yet unique worlds collide, it can be very confusing and disturbing for both the JewishMullet and us (visually atleast).