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analogue tape biasing

mat and his feet circa october 2000Housekeeping. Look in the menu section above. To the right three are three icons. The first is the email icon. Then the IM icon. Then the chat icon. To chat you will need a version of AOL’s AIM. You can download that here. Most people are in the OM Chat room throuhout the work day and after dinner. Times being in the EST.

Today I got the letter in the mail about my high school reunion. Most people dread going to their high school reunion. I am actually quite looking forward to it. I am curious to see what happened to the jocks, the sluts, the nerds, the freaks, the rockers, the weirdos, the hermits, and the druggies. I am pretty sure most people are thinking that I am going to bring a “male friend” with me as I was the one who “wore the dresses to school.” When in fact I may have only done that once or twice. Granted I did wear tights and nail polish at times, but none the less wasn’t that because I was in a band?! It sure is funny what people remember about you.

Mons III is in the works now. I have tracked the beginings of the first song on my new record. For those of you who don’t know, I create music and soundscapes via music and sound inplementation. You can hear my work at I have finally also been able to record with my vocoder I build last season. It’s sounds beautiful. I even got to resolder new input jacks! Go me!

Tonight is J. Mascis with Mike Watt. Fun Fun! See you all later skater.

iggy faust

mat and mom- n. miami beachSoundtrack of the Day: Iggy and the Stooges, Add N to X, Self, Dinosar Jr, U2, Poster Children, OVAL, Isotope 217, Faust, Sugar, Aphex Twin, & Jeff Buckley.

Today was a cracked-out-nutty-busy-ass day. I haven’t worked this hard and this much since I have started here at Discovery. It was strange to actually feel useful. It was never stressful, but I always had something coming my way. Semi-exciting. I just hope it does get worse. Damn the man. Wait, I sorta work for the man, don’t I.

So tonite I hung with the Addy. We went to the best French restaurant I have ever been to called ‘La Madalines.’ I love that place and they have the bestest chicken caesar salads. I also got a vegetable soup that I wish I had the appetite for more. Woo! Then we went to Tower Records and got some CDs and looked at all the dope magazines we only read and don’t buy. Love that gig.

Have you ever wished you were invisible. I have. I wonder if you would piss invisible. And would you flatulate a color? Hmmmm…

November 7th is on its way

bush and jesus?We are now officially at the ten day mark, ten days until we find a little glimpse of what the next four years of our lives may hold. This whole subway series zaniness it just the predecessor to next week for me. This is all personal opinion here, so if I offend anyone – go on and be merry, because it’s not a personal attack on anyone it’s all a part of me.

So, legitimately we have three choices, I do not. I have two choices, both are looking pretty grim, pretty scary, falsified and not very intelligent. Bush is well educated, but how he got as far in life as he did, baffles me. Gore is educated as well, and we all know the ways in which both candidates got this far. I can’t identify with either, they certainly are not speaking to me when they debate, they are more than likely not speaking to anyone, but making a fancy show of political analysts that have done their body language homework.

As far as Ralph Nader, I’m just afraid that all these people that are apparently, voting with their conscience and not picking the less evil of the two will be the people that will get Bush elected in California and ultimately in the rest of the country. Honestly, I have not watched Nader’s campaign because I find it will no doubt be a fluke. I’m sorry for the Nader supporters, but my god I can’t imagine a country that I could live in where there is a slight chance that I’ll have to go back to the wire hanger or unsafe non-steralized abortion method. That is the scariest thought for me. This campaign is not about Social Security (because I did just see a man all 135 yrs old of him spend $200 on lotto tickets) it’s not about foreign policy and trading with China (even though Japan has some rocking ass Uni-Ball pens- the two have obviously nothing to do with the other but:) this election is about keeping my job and my life intact and having a kid would ultimately demolish both of those.

So, yeah…I’m scared…it’s personal entirely for me. It’s my first election where I’ll be voting, unfortunately these are the two choices I have been given, as with the rest of my life, I am trying to work within the constraints that have been handed to me. That’s what this year is about – working with what you’ve been handed.

I wish I could tell everyone that I’m going out there and I’m gung-ho about getting a female VP instead of a man who has shunned his own daughter’s lifestyle, but I’m not. In all reality, if I were younger, living at home with my parents (or had someone else to pay the bills) and didn’t have to worry about where the economy will be in four years, where the fake internet money is going to come from, where my tax dollars really are going, than I think I’d be singing a much different tune. I know this, because when I did live at home and wasn’t fearful of a recession every day of my life, I wanted Ross Perot to win. It’s not a matter of maturity, it’s more a matter of securing my life-style with someone I know isn’t the best man for the job, but the best man to not screw things up so much so that I’ll be living in Canada a year from now.

This is the point where as an American I go into that booth and I vote. I put my word in for the candidate that I think will further us along. Fortunately, this being my pay-the-bills gig, I’m getting pretty good at it. Hopefully, I won’t regret my decision and have to write Gore up for anything. So, I leave you with the knowledge of who I am voting for. Whether it be a man with a billion and a half plans and no action, or a man who gets an insane gleam in his eye when he says the word “execution”, these two are my personal choices, Nader is in there – but he’s been taken out of my ballot.