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erotic city

mat and his assSoundtrack of the Day: U2, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Macy Gray, Tortoise + The Ex = Tortex, Can, Poster Children, The Roots, & The Pixies.

Well Kim just dropped me off. We just got back from the Chris Whitley show. As you all may know Yuval Gabay and Mr. Sebastian Steinberg played drums and bass respectively with Mr. Whitley. Yuval and Sebastian also played with the late Soul Coughing. Wow. What a great show. Chris played the many guitars like it was no one’s business. He played it like a jazz instrument in a way that was incredibly profound and eclectically sporadic. Imagine Charles Mingus on guitar having a seizure. But add a tremendous amount of Jimi Hendirx blues. It was fab none the less. And the covers tunes alone were enough to make me buy his record. His covers were “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed and “Erotic City” by Prince. Damn. Sebastian played the dope-ass synth line with his bass. Tres good. If you can see them, do yourself a favor. Check

Mad props to Adrienne for the Doughty CD and the Ass. Anyone who sends me an Ass is cool in my book! Plus it’s cute and cudily. Props! Mad ones. And mad, nutty coo-ky props go out to Kate who is our loving and dedicated soul sista out of Brisbane, Australia. She sends me the best postcards ever. Keep the mail coming! You guys totally know how to make mat smile. I feel like a Twizzler. In fact I am a Twizzler. Mat = Twizzler. Do the math.

The Division of One

The Division of Oneself

Well, friends – I am back. I have returned from my brief stint as a Texan and I must say, it wasn’t so bad. It wasn’t all cows and Chevy Pick-Ups. It was darned close, but it definitely had a different feel to it. I’m going to throw one out here and say that the farther west in this country I go the more I dig it. Austin is in Texas, but you wouldn’t think it. I have seen the light. If the heat and the license plates weren’t there, I would have thought I was in a cool state – California? Colorado? Anywhere, but where GW Bush was has any sort of political backing, influence or power.

I’ve come to the conclusion that Austin is a city of heat, huge hills, lack of transportation and attractive computer geeks. That pretty much sums it up. I didn’t think downtown was too special, it was any small town central business district (with the exception that the drug store was closed on a Sunday which made me totally insane and wanted to run back to New York where nothing is ever closed – ever). It, however, was quite charming and I can see why my boyfriend chose to live there. On Sunday we went to a wedding out in the hills, and when I say hills, I’m talking huge rocky mountainous hills. On these hills were big huge .com computer geek houses. It rained the whole time I was there, but for about ten minutes as we were going over a dam (I can’t remember what it was called) the sun came out and it looked like heaven briefly. The clouds let up, the rain had stopped, it was as if for five minutes the whole entire universe stopped so I could have a quick glimpse at beauty. It was by far one of the prettiest places I have seen.

Everyone keeps asking me: “So you’re moving there right?” For the first time in my whole entire life I can say, “No, I’m not.” As beautiful and charming as Austin is, it is the first time I went on a vacation to a beautiful place and decided that I did not want to live there. I know a lot of us thought I would not be coming back, but yet again I throw another surprise at you, stick around – there are more surprises where that came from. It’s not that I don’t want to live in a clean, attractive, money coming from the seams town, it’s that I *live* where I live now. I live in a not so clean, not so friendly, far too exciting city as it is. The city that I chose was this one. For the first time, I feel settled and set. I have not moved in almost four monthes, which actually may be a record for me. I now have roots here.

One day, I woke up in my bed in Florida and my life hit me like a ton of bricks. I walked over the barrier the held me down for so long and I decided that December 23rd was the day that I was going to change my life. That was the day that I finalized regret and guilt and took control of it. The apathetic feelings I had were there, but I realized what I could actually do with them, I could work on them. I had made so many decisions in such a short period of time that I felt held down. The 23rd was the day that I picked up my journal and I read “I’ll go back when I’m ready.” No one ever knows when they are truly ready to make a change. How can you? You can keep waiting and watching for signs to make you take a step, or leap or a jump, but what if you miss those signs? What if you never feel ready? How can we know until we stick our foot out to get it in the door?

At my first “real” job, I worked with a woman who would complain to me incessantly about how much she hated her life. She hated her hair, her weight, her bosses, her cats, her train, right down to her toothpaste. I sat there and listened to this woman for 18 months, you never really understand how much influence other people truly have on your life. She made me hate everything about her and in a small sense I think she was a part of what made me hate my life. I mean, we basically had the same torturous slave-driven lifestyle. Yet, in the back of my mind all I would ever say is, “B, if you hate it so much, change it. Seriously, wake up – make your bed – brush your teeth with baking soda, not the bad tooth paste – and go find a new job.” That was what I learned from “B” I learned that if for one instant I am not happy with something in my life, I put my finger on it and I change it. If I don’t like that my commute is crowded, I have options, I can take a bus. If I don’t like my soup – I can take it back and get the one that I want. If I didn’t love my job – I could get up and fix it. We all know that we are more powerful than we can truly understand, it’s just a matter of letting go of fear. Don’t be afraid to fail, if we never failed, we wouldn’t know what we do not want. Don’t be afraid to leave your big monopolizing company because they won’t give you a promotion, make yourself happy. Find that one thing that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning and focus on it, and don’t ever let it go.

Rush Hour Nose-Picker

ewwwww, monkey toes is picking her cute little nose!So, it’s rush hour and I’m driving down the busiest street in Philadelphia. Broad Street. Let me remind you that it’s rush hour and the busiest street in Philly.

The traffic light turns red, and I steer into the left lane. There’s a sleek, cherry red muscle/sports car in the turning lane next to me. You know I have to look inside…..

I peer in, and see this incredible looking man. He’s young, well dressed, built, groomed, & pedicured. You name it. The Stockbroker type, ok? One problem – he has his finger JAMMED up his nose. He was not picking, he was hunting. Hunting for something obviously stuck way way up there.

He was going for the gold, and is incredibly fixated on himself in the mirror at the same time. His head is turned halfway, looking to his right. I could see his full face, including the hand with a missing finger (up his nose.) He sees me, and probably thinks I’m just starting my lean to peer inside.

He then realized I had caught him picking his nose. In that garish, caught up in the moment slight of manner. And immediately tried to play it off by resting his chin on his hand, and looking out the right side window.

I turn my head quickly to pretend I didn’t see anything. HA!

The traffic light turns green, and he peeled out into his left turn. Into oncoming traffic. Screech. Horn. Yells. The traffic stopped. He stopped. A few cars try to go by on the furthest side away. He started to drive again. They stopped. He stopped. Everyone got confused. His brake light suddenly was gone, and he peeled out again, having successfully made his left turn with no harm to cars, people, or pets.

Nose Pickers. We’re all one. Somewhere, deep down inside, we’ve done it. We do it. Don’t get all embarrassed and say, “Ewwe, No I don’t!” Admit it, honey. You know when you’ve got something stuck up there – it itches, your eyes water, your nose feels all plugged up; and it didn’t come out with that good noisy nose blow you just did.

“Arughh, it’s still up there!!!” you think.

So, cautiously, you stick your finger inside, and pull it out. You now breathe with a sigh of relief.

Quick, get rid of it before anyone sees it!

I just wanted to let the guy know how STUPID he was for having done this in RUSH HOUR traffic on the BUSIEST street in Philadelphia. Come on Buddy! What were you thinking??!!?? Did you honestly think no one would pull up next to you? Did you honestly think no one would see you with your finger so graciously lodged up your nose? Geez….. Makes me wonder what kind of a person you really are.

But me, nah…. I’m not a nose picker. Ewwe – that’s just gross! 😉