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Habitually Yours

wink, wink
I bite my bottom lip way too much. I slouch. I mess with my hair too often (Up? Down? Ponytail?) I am a bad typer when I get tired. I “crack” my toes when I don’t have shoes on. These, my friends, would be some of my “bad” habits.

When I smile just a little too much, my nose will scrunch up and my right eye will wink at you. I have a weird laugh when something is *just* too funny. I “talk” with my hands when I really get into explaining something. I don’t know how to hold (let alone smoke) a cigarette. Now these – these would be some of my “cuter” habits.

Other things that you may catch me doing:

  • singing in the car (when alone)
  • telling the truth (wait – that could also be a “bad” habit)
  • acting confident when I’m really not
  • tapping my pen/pencil
  • being goofy/making people laugh
  • holding doors open for others
  • saying “bless you” when someone sneezes

    Just remember this…
    I like to smile. By nature, I’m a happy person.
    I am very honorable. If you win my trust, I’ll never do you any wrong.
    I’ll do my best to keep everyone happy.
    I know when to keep my distance.
    Even though I don’t know you, I know how to make you smile.
    So this weekend, I’ll be down in D.C. to get away from the stressful jobs and busy lifestyle.

    Ya’ll know I’ll have pictures when I get back….

  • television

    televisionTelevision to Reunite for Festival
    My life to be complete

    Brian Roberts and Brent DiCrescenzo report from Pitchfork:
    As much as we at Pitchfork hate to be scooped on stuff like this, this story was just too cool to pass up. NME reports on their website that the members of the protean punk band Television will be coming back together to play a show at the All Tomorrow’s Parties festival at the Camber Sands Holiday Center, which is taking place over three days in April of 2001.

    Tortoise are the official “curators” of the event, and it would appear that it was members of that band who convinced the guys in Television to reform. One wouldn’t imagine John McEntire as a particularly persuasive soul, but one would be wrong in that estimation; the man knows just when to release the catches on the cash-laden briefcase, and the exact right way to rub the coconut oil into Tom Verlaine’s back.

    Other confirmed performers for the festival include Yo La Tengo, Broadcast, ESG, Calexico, Femi Kuti, the Sun Ra Arkestra, Company Flow, Cannibal Ox, the Ex, Savath + Savalis, the Sea and Cake, and Boards of Canada; the authorities involved promise more big names to surface in the coming weeks, as well. If you can’t pony up the dough for international plane fare, don’t hang yourself yet; it seems that an American version of the event will be taking place next October at the UCLA campus. No reports on whether Television or any of the other bands will be there, although the “curators” will likely be Sonic Youth. We’ll see if Thurston Moore knows precisely how Verlaine likes his spicy ahi tuna rolls served. We’ll just see.

    All Tomorrows’ Parties:

    life on the moon

    circa 1971Soundtrack of the day: Bob Mould’s bob mould, New Order’s substance, June of 44’s four great points, Swervedriver’s, mezcal head, Can’s anthology, Mouse on Mars’ nuin niggung, & Flying Saucer Attack’s newlands.

    It’s *really* busy at work here, so I decided to make a post. All is cool here. Just not too much going on. It should be much colder now, be it almost December. I wish it would snow. SNOW GODDAMMIT!!! I love the snow. I love how your hands get so cold they feel like they are burning. I love making snow angels. I love snowball fights. I love the afro topping of snow on the grill outside on the deck! Anyways…someone, for the love of god, make it snow.

    In other news. I will be going to NYC again in two weeks. I also just found out that UV Ray (drummer and bassist from Soul Coughing, and some other peeps) will be playing that weekend I will be up there. I have come to the conclusion, that they have conspired to find out my schedule and always play NYC when I plan on coming. It has to be. Also why the hell did Soul Coughing play MTSU, in Murfreesboro, TN (my *cough* alma mater) back in the fall of 1998, when they could have played a semi-dope venue in Nashvegas? Seems fishy to me!! Heh.

    Sometimes at work when bored I get to read the’s user comments…this one i thought was really funny:

    “valerie” on 11/24/2000 02:14:57 PM
    cc: (bcc: Health Comments)
    Subject: Life on the moon

    Maybe it sounds radical or crazy, but why can’t we put all of earth’s
    prisoners on the moon to build our new world there? Wouldn’t that free of billions of dollars here on earth? We sure wouldn’t have to pay them much and WHERE are they going to escape to?

    Valerie Johnson
    she has a point? But really, she is an idiot. Shouldn’t the good people get to live and build on Mars? It’s a wonderful place to live, let me tell you…