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chunney chops

TWISTED SISTER FOREVER!This junk email made me laugh way out-loud.

Subj: free information
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 9:02:13 AM Eastern Standard Time

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Give yourself a christmas present that just keeps giving.

IAOTBT (I am of the belief that)
…James is really dope.
…I consolodated all my James’ non-lp tracks/remixes onto two complete CDs last nite.

…It’s butt-cold outside and my fingers ache.
…No one is here at work again.
…The second I walked through my building’s doors I thought, “Why did I do this again?!”
…My car is leaking some funk and I need to get it checked before my trip to NYC/Philly.
…I hate politics more than fish.
…I wish I could hear Lou Reed’s TRANSFORMER all day on vinyl.

a life of possibilities

harry perrySoundtrack of the day: Dismemberment Plan, U2, Joy Division, June of 44, Elvis Costello, Unrest, Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, & The Beach Boys.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. I pulled in to the Metro Parking Lot around 9am. There was no one there…maybe 30 cars. Weird. So I get on the metro after freezing my ass off. (it’s like 17 degrees here this morning) I get to the Discovery Building and walk to my desk. The lights are out everywhere…it’s dark! Where is everyone. It’s like the Twilight Zone here! Where are you people! So I guess it’s the Dismemberment Plan and myself on full maximum volume for the day. Hope everyone had wonderful weekend.

Last night was Christmas. So as the stereotype goes, all the Jewish people go out for Chinese food and movies. Awapy and I went to Gaithersburg, MD for Chinese food at Hunan Taste or something like that. It was dope. And much cheaper than anticipated. It was no Bo-Bo’s from Tennessee. That is something I have been missing lately. There was this dope Chinese restaurant there in TN. Bobo’s!!! Then Awapy and I went to see CASTAWAY. Her brother works there so we got in there for free. Mega cool! The movie was pretty dope. It was cool hanging the Awap-ster. She is going to England soon. Boohoo.

Next weekend is New Years. I am hanging in NYC with Kristen and Jessica. Wooo! Patty Smith is playing at the Bowery. I want to go to that. I also want to see Mr. John Zorn at the Tonic. Yum! Love me some John Zorn. There’s a Jew! But both are really expensive because it’s the New Year’s thing. Oh well. So we’ll see. I am sure I’ll have a blast no matter what. Astoria rocks.

…that it’s 17 fucking degrees outside
…that in 4 days I will be in NYC
…that rock!
…that June of 44 is sexy
…that Awapy traded scarfs with me and that is cool
…the scarf she traded with me is green and says “tuba christmas”
…that that is mega cool!
…that changes nothing here.
…that I need a new job.
…that I need a band.
…that you can inquire within.

P.S. That picture is Harry Perry taken by Jessica. Little did she know that that was him…he is a cool cat there in Venice Beach, CA. I think he is one of the most wealthiest homeless men. He was also in Perry Farrell’s movie GIFT. Weird I tell you…

joannavaught: (nevermind. i read archived OM. you’re SO crushing on that girl. 🙂 shhh. go back to work.)
Pi Ginzen: hehehe
Pi Ginzen: what did you read?
joannavaught: like, all of november
Pi Ginzen: hehehe
joannavaught: you are deeeeep in crush. you little. faker.
Pi Ginzen: i am a little devil
joannavaught: yeah you are.

Fast Food Funnies

talk to the handWell, it’s Christmas Eve… the night before baby Jesus was born. The night before we sing Happy Birthday and other hymns to him. The night before we wake up to a Christmas tree crowded with presents underneath. But, until we reach this desired night, we first have to get through the last shopping day.

So through my travels this afternoon, I stopped at Wendy’s to grab a bite to eat. At the window, I asked for a knife. The heavily accented window man kept repeating the same question to me. As I gazed with a dumbfounded look on my face, he continued to ask. “Whogh ghare yoush ghoingh to khill tonigghhtgh?” “Huh?” “Who are you going to kill tonight? With that knife?” “Huh? Oh… Uhm, no one.” And drive away quickly I did.

Which brought me to thinking of all the times I get misunderstood at the drive through windows……

I‘d like a vegetarian whopper with no cheese” “What?? You want a whopper jr.?” “No, no, a vegetarian whopper with no che—” “You want cheese on that?” “–ese. No Cheese.” “You want cheese or not?” “NO, No cheese. Veggie Whopper, No cheese. That’s it.” I hear an obnoxious grunt, “drive up to the window.” What do I get? A whopper with cheese. So I go in to correct the mistake, and they start making a veggie whopper with cheese. So I tell them again, “I want a vegetarian whopper with no cheese. That’s bread, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and mayo. NO CHEESE.” And it’s always the same ordeal (to some extent) each time I order.

Can I get a hamburger with no meat, please?” “Sure. Drive forward.” I got a hamburger bun with nothing on it. No ketchup, no mustard, and no onions. Two weeks later, I got a roll with onions. A month later, I got a roll with mustard. A year later, I get asked, “Oh, you wanna Michael Jackson Hamburger?” “Uhm, what’s that?” I ask. “A hamburger with no meat.” “Yeah, ok. That’s what I want.” I got another hamburger bun with nothing on it.

Taco supreme, easy on the meat, no cheese.” Easy, meaning lite, or very little. Taco Hell taught me to say this when ordering. Nonetheless, they still mess it up each time I order. Taco Supreme with lotsa meat. Taco Supreme with no meat. Taco Supreme with just the right amount of meat, but the rest being a mound of cheese.

So, I’ve learned a lesson through the years of ordering through fast food chains… Just order your food as a normal person, and pick it apart yourself. It’s more of a hassle trying to instruct them (over the intercom) just how much mayo, onions, lack of cheese or meat, and tomato you want.

Buyer beware…. you never know who’s back there “creating” your sandwhich, your way. Bon Appitet!