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can we be mature

annie mat gregIt’s SNOWING! For the first time in my life I am dreading the snow. The reason being that upon leaving work at 3pm today (the mega head honcho said ‘go home’) i hear on the radio that there is a 100 (yes, ONE HUNDRED) car pile-up on 95 South. That fucking sucks. The traffic lady said she would see people running from their cars in to the woods when they saw cars coming at them that couldn’t stop. That is fucking messed up. The 20-30 car pile ups all over 270 seemed like chum-change. It took me over an hour to get home and fearing my life at every intersection is not good. I feared most the asian women. They so should never be given licenses. Let alone out when it’s snowing! Of course there are exceptions, but damn, I saw at least two with rear-wheel drive cars. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Uh…stay clear! Oh yeah, and I had to clean the ice from my wipers at red lights three fucking times. I miss the days when snow meant days off from school and frozen fingers and sledding for hours and hot coco.

But my boys always pull through for me. When I got home i checked the mail and what is waiting for me, none other than a package from my friend Brian E. (e for the mutha fuckin’ man) Bailey. A.K.A. BEB. He’s the man…he copied me PhotoSuite which includes PhotoShop, Font Folio, Illustrator, PageMaker, PS Filters, and Streamline. Also in addition he copied me ACID. Who is the mofo man! The mofo man is BEB! All hail BEB! BEB 2004.

And thanks to the lovely Morgan, my Capitol Records Babe, I got dumped on (in the best of ways) for free promo CDs. I got the remastered John Lennon’s imagine, a Dandy Warhols’ ep with the cover Hells Bells by AC/DC, Tara Maclean live (?!), the Titan AE soundtrack (?!), a chick band cassette, and a double 12″ Luscious Jackson remix record. I also got some free stickers I will prolly just give to Jessica and/or her cute sister. I love free stuff! Morgan roxx.

someone had to bring it up

big city lightsMat usually puts up his soundtrack for the day. This is a feeble attempt to copy him. You might not be able to read it, but I didn’t want to go so far as stealing His/D Plans’ format. —>

I watched the Grammys last night. Admit it! You did too. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Well, maybe a little ashamed. Especially since I gave up on Temptation Island for that fodder. And, Paul Simon was looking/sounding horribly haggard. It wasn’t pretty.

High points- the Baha Men beat Moby, so my life is complete. (? ! ? !) Nothing is better than novelty acts winning Grammys. Anyway, last night sucked. Big ones. What a snooze fest.

Also, the Significant Other and I are superglueing broken CD pieces to his bike helmet. It’s pretty amusing, his head looks like a big disco ball. The only downside will be when he actually wears it outside, I give him a week max before he blinds some driver and causes a deadly traffic accident. Watch out, Arlington. Up next I think might be an attempted construction of Disco Ball Clothing. If anyone has CDs that are shit they want to donate, contact me. So far, the bike helmet used 6 free AOL sample CDs that come in your mail once a week. Keep those suckers and send ‘em to me.

Man or Astro-Man? are pretty decent, but no New Order. Perhaps I will invest in a CD of theirs, a la Admin. I think they used to play in Harrisonburg a lot, which strikes me as hilarious. Only those of you familiar with the Shenandoah Valley will see the humor in that. Spacey kids and the poultry industry. Very rad.

PS D.C.!!! It’s really snowing outside, hard. Traffic is going to be such a horrendous bitch this afternoon. And, snow makes me hungry.

women’s rights

Woman Pesters Ex-Lover with 1,000 Calls a Day
HONG KONG (Reuters) – A jilted Hong Kong woman pestered her former lover with more than 1,000 phone calls a day for three years, a local newspaper reported Monday. The nuisance calls began in 1997 when the married man, identified only as Cheung, refused the woman’s pleas to live together, the Apple Daily newspaper reported Monday. Unable to cope under the barrage of calls, the man switched jobs and changed his telephone, mobile and pager numbers in 1999. But the woman found out the new numbers and resumed her calls a year later, topping it with another 500 faxes a day. The two came to blows on New Year’s day this year, when the woman presented herself at Cheung’s home to demand money. Cheung was later arrested and released on bail when the woman complained to police saying he had hit and intimidated her. Police were not immediately available for comment.

I want to meet this woman. She’s crazy! Actually, this story just solidifies my theory that women, in general (yes, this is a generalization) are crazy. Nuts. This is why I’m all for woman’s rights. I think we’re all bad in the head. If we were in charge, things would be so much more fun. And, lets face it—crazy people make a lot of sense sometimes. The really, truly crazy people I know make a lot more sense than the normal, boring people I know. I buy into that conspiracy theory shit sometimes. Yeah, you heard me. (We never really walked on the moon in the 1960s. We just wanted to look like we beat out the USSR. Where was all the engine noise on those tapes? I blame my friend Ryan for starting me on that. He’s not a woman, but he did wear “capri pants” one time. Close enough. That makes him an honorary crazyperson/female.)

I bet she’s fun to hang out with. People completely whacked out of their head always are. Of course, until you didn’t want to be friends anymore. Then it would get bothersome. 1,000 calls a day bothersome. I bet conversations with her are highly amusing though. (Partly amusing since she’d speak Chinese and I wouldn’t understand, ha ha, but that’s besides the point.) Wow. Wow wow wow. 500 faxes a day? This woman must have a job like mine. Or like my friends. Christ.

PS I was recently informed that today (or was it yesterday?) is National “Hoodie Hoo” day. People are supposed to come outside and yell “Hoodie HOO!” at the top of their lungs to “scare winter away.” I don’t know if that would scare me away, but it would make me laugh. So all you conformists out there, go do this! Women, go out and do this! Give me a giggle.

I bet “National Hoodie Hoo” was invented by a 35 year old single, slightly overweight receptionist with a bad bleached-out perm and pink framed glasses who collects Beanie babies and appliques her own sweatshirts with pictures of cats. And embellishes her Keds with the Bedazzler she bought on QVC. I bet her and this Chinese lady would get along spectacularly. Grrl Power. All kidding aside, women rock. I know Mat would agree. Anything with boobies. Except Celine Dion.