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Someone stole my thighs

stay five months hereListening to: Xavier’s mix before I soon relinquish it, Modest Mouse “Building Nothing out of Something”

(Most of you will not find this funny. Let alone understand it. But, for my small group of unregistered lurkers/readers out there, I have five little words for you: Eighth Grade, Danny and Rhonda.)


Tonight I am road-tripping down to Harrisonburg, where I spent four years of tuition in a hazy state of semi-education. My friend Matt (see picture) and I are going to relive our youth. I try not to go down there even though it’s only 2 hours south (it seems pseudo-pathetic in the least.) I’ve only been back once since I graduated, but I have some people I need to catch up with; some good Greek food and cheap pitchers to consume; a student gallery show to attend; an Art Department roof to break onto to watch the stars; and the Green Valley Book Fair to peruse. I love me some Green Valley Book Fair.

Party like it’s 1997!

Other Stuff: (subtitle: Why I Feel Guilty All the Damn Time)

This our last goodbye
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it’s over
Just hear this and then I’ll go you gave me more to live for, more than you’ll ever know.
This is our last embrace, must I dream and always see your face
Why can’t we overcome this wall
Baby, maybe it’s just because I didn’t know you at all

I am a bitch.

I didn’t make him fall in love, (infatuation?), but I toyed with his emotions and I was unfair and I pretended to be something I wasn’t to make him love me and slather me with attention, at first because I was bored, and later because I realized how lovable he really was. How was I to know he’d really, actually like me? That is rare.

I try to sleep at night and instead I feel his moist looks.

And now I must live with the feeling—like I live my life walking on eggshells, like around every corner there is a phone call waiting to tell me that he offed himself. The pressure of knowing him. Maybe it is my punishment.

It’s a hard life to live; I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself, but I am tired of feeling sorry for him. I have someone, someone wonderful and important and beautiful and kind. It’s all he wants, it’s what I have and I take advantage of it. I want to tell him to get over it, move on- it’s been forever and he is only 23. 23 is so terribly young. Why worry you are a jinx to the opposite sex? Why worry you will always be alone? Why mourn a girl who you knew would never stay? I was never going to stay.

I am a bitch. He really didn’t ever know me at all.

Depressed yet? I know this makes no sense. I’ll stop now.

PS My aunt Karen is bomb. It is a joy to know a middle-aged woman so enamored of “I Love Lucy” reruns, binge drinking, and fart jokes.

PPS If I may testosterone-out on you for a moment…. I am 4 out of 10 in my pool for NCAA basketball. The Terps game this Saturday will be INTENSE. That’s not too shabby.

why my job sucks more than yours…

boo hoo
Why My Job SUCKS More Than Yours…

Today was the worst day EVER!

I got a ticket for parking in the opposite direction of traffic. Forget the two hour limit that we ignore ever day… I was parked in the wrong direction! Each and every day for the past two years, I’ve parked like this. Today, it’s a problem. And a nice $44 ticket, to boot!

I got called into the personnel director’s office at 4:45 pm today. The only people who get called into his office at that time are those who are about to be fired. “En Fuego!”
The Offense: “What the hell did I do?” racked my brain. I broke the company email and internet “laws”. Seems I used my work email personally, one time to many. He had a stack of emails, recited back specific details to prove that he did in fact read them; more than once. Oh, and I used the internet for pages other than business related. Oops! I checked my hotmail account. Oops, I checked my hotmail account again. “En Fuego!”
The Verdict: My internet and email privelages will be restricted and monitered. Restricted more!??! I only check one website these days – and it’s hotmail! I can’t even do that now!?!? If this happens again, it can lead up to, and including, termination. As Mr. Personnel sees things, it’s stealing from the company. Time = wages, wages = $$money$$. It’s theft. In the First Degree.
The Assurance: I’m a very good employee, who doesn’t give them any trouble. I’ve given them plenty of warning time before my departure in June, and an overall favorable person. So, Mr. Personnel won’t show the emails to the company owners, although my Boss will be informed when she returns from vacation.
My Qualm: Do ya want me to quit early? Before I train someone? ‘Cause this is pushing me that way. And since I’ve been notified that I’m not getting my vacation pay…


So this weekend should be nice. Mat’s coming up to visit. Not sure yet if we’re gonna hang in Philly or visit NYC. I think he wants a haircut. I want one too. Suggestions for me? Visit my page for older versions of me.

Might Be

I want to go swimming. Got a new bathing suit… want to put it to good use.

Bowling! I want to go bowling!

Salvation Army! Want to hit the thrift shops this weekend!

Enjoy yours!

bohemian like skeletor

more oghty than a steven malcamusToday at work was “Clean out the CD Closet for CDs we wont ever play” Day…this means “Panty Raid” for Mat. So basically since my day consists of putting content on the website and taking pictures and since the people I ask to get things done in LA and San Antonio haven’t been doing that, I got to walk around a lot today. I got to see what everyone else did. But most importantly I got to check out the box full of the CDs nobody loved. In a few words: I basically scored. I got around 60 CDs. All indie labeled random gems. Some Majors were in there…but not ones played on the radio. Boohoo…my new name at work is “Alterna-Mat” or “Indie-Mat” Ha! Or something. Maybe it’s just the peeps in LA. Those people are wack. Funny, but wack! The west coast is so bizzare. Bizzare in that Dirty South kind of way…and it’s not even that they are all that different, but they really are…

So I left work at 3.30pm, as soon as Eve6 was done being interviewed and I was done taking some photo shoots of them. Never really heard them before. I think I saw them a few years back opening for someone. I think they are big now, but I wasn’t sure. I usually can tell when a band is big (that comes in to the station) by how many other fellow employees are there as well…this time there weren’t too many, but it was a mad hectic day, with people running everywhichway. They were really nice. They made a point to shake everyone’s hands and what not. Which led me to conclude they weren’t yet rockstars, but still climbing the “Ladder to Bono.” Oh yeah and, one of the people in the said band, while walking out, said to Skeletor, “I’ll see YOU, tonite at the show!” Needless to say she was red-er than my ass after a good spanking. It was priceless…

So you may be asking me what I am going to do with all the extra CDs I dont want that have pretty faces and pop tunes on their grooves! The answer is that Jessica gets them all. I get to see her this weekend, and she so deserves that stuff. See, all you have to do is invite me up for the weekend. A little wining and dining will help as well…and a back rub…yeah…and maybe some funny noises…or something…

Tonight I am going to lay low…prolly watch some VH1, some weather channel, maybe some History Channel and then check out some new tunage….then hit the sack early. I have done 11-12 hour days each day this week….getting up at 5am is no biggie anymore…at least tomorrow while getting up at 5am, I will still get to leave early for my drive to Philly…woo! I wish they all could be California Girls…or something… Speaking of which…do you like that hair cut of mine in that picture above? I am thinking it’s time for a new change and I really like that cut…word?

Confession Sofa: man, Alan Alda is kicking Awapy’s ass now