Monthly Archive for July, 2001

we’ll travel around the world

Soundtrack for a gray morning.
Music makes the people come together and wear white cowboy hats and act like pimps: Sparklehorse, Dismemberment Plan, Faraquet, Cash Brothers, Elvis Costello, Etta James, Jeremy Enigk, Red House Put-me-to-sleep Painters, old school Madonna (like “BORDERLINE!”) Soul Coughin, Joy Division, and Dead Milkmen. And Bootsy Collins.

Also, Mat, Rustic Overtones played at the Beach this weekend.

I also need to make a mixtape for a guy who has SUPEREMO taste and knows all about good music well before I do. Anyone have any suggestions for SUPERNEW and GROOVY SAD EMO WAH WAH WAH tunes? Clue me in. Point me in the right direction

Today has been boring, just like the rest of the week is sure to be boring. It’s all stuff I am doing because other people are A) anal to the max or B) procrastinators, and dump shit on my desk at 5 pm expecting it to be fixed. So when I say boring, I mean busy as hell. Work has been chock full of busy busy boringness. I sure as hell wished I had a home computer.

Also, I have made my postcards. I just need to get my act together and write them. Etc. Etc. There are only 8 each of us needs to send out, yes?

Quote of the Day:
“I have a cat named Larry. He is so crazy! And he is old. My cat Larry is crazy and old. Lots crazier then you’d think.” –Four-Year Old Ana, Sig Others Cousin

PS I would kill for a lollipop right about now. Also, remember the Old Greek Saying:
Beware of Mats bearing Shears.

We went to the Philly Pizza Company
And ordered some hot tea
The waitress said well no, we only have it iced
So we jumped up on the table and shouted anarchy
And someone played a Beach Boys song on the jukebox
It it was “California Dreamin”
So we started screamin
On such a winter’s day

Paperdolls are fun to play with at work. Try the Java one.

Just you and me, Punk Rock Elle.


Dude, some people make me smile. Usually the white trash listeners. Here are some fun yet agitating emails I’ve got recently.

From: Save Address
Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2001 23:16:02 EDT
Subject: T-rex
Hi. My friend said he heard something about
T-rex on Dc101, about a concert or something.
Which is strange, considering Bolan is dead…
but I was just curious if he was right.
So, I was wondering if there was anything recently
about T.rex.
Cheers and thanks,

Here’s one i get every day. FUCK OFF ARASTOGI. You’re a fucker!

From: “arastogi” Save Address
Subject: phone1
date: Tue, 31 Jul 2001 10:29:11 -0400
Hi! How are you?

I send you this file in order to have your advice

See you later. Thanks

phone1.xls.pif (Binary attachment)

Dude, it’s called “Things Change Asshole!”

From: “Becky Howard” Save Address
Subject: What Happened to the Old Dudes?
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 19:50:14 -0700

Good Morning! My name is Charles Shifflett and I have lived in San Diego since 1985.Prior to that,I was born and raised in Virginia and moved out here while in my 20’s.When I lived there I listened to your station everyday from morning till evening,as I was a courier and always in my car. Well,the reason I am e-mailing is a dinosaur question that I have been pondering…..What Happened To The Old Guys???I used to hear Greaseman, Smash,Surf, and all the other guys. I know it has been almost 20 years now, but I heard some disturbing news from my mother , who stills lives in the DC area, that the Greaseman died,apparently from a car accident or something. This can’t be true!!!??? Also, if it isn’t true, are all the guys still in radio? I would appreciate your response as I used to go to the promo events,appearances, and I even have a picture signed by the Greaseman. Again, I appreciate any news you would have for a old-time listener from the early 80’s. Thank You!!!

Yes, you are a tard.

From: Save Address
Date: Wed, 6 Jun 2001 20:19:43 EDT
Subject: sign in trouble
Why can I not sign into I get a message saying I’m not registerd but I am because I receive news letters from you guys. Am I just a “tard” or is there a problem? Thanks in advance for your time.

Loyal Listener,
Tiffany Joyner

PS. I was also made a star yet again at the radio station this morning with some questions about my extra curicular events with members of the oppotite sex. I pray only Elle heard this. I reckon not, cos I just got this email from a fellow female co-worker. I am doomed.

ollyDanis: so was it all true this morning?
me: wait, did u think it was all a joke?
ollyDanis: i was just wondering if it was really an issue with her…
ollyDanis: or just for fun
me: just for fun
ollyDanis: i knew it
me: i totally shouldnt be saying this!
ollyDanis: why, it’s me
me: hehehe
ollyDanis: you can tell me anything

localization of sound in space

damn i look pretty funny...what am i even doing?!So after 35 CD-Rs and equally rough mixes, 7 of which weren’t scrapped, 3 Minidiscs, 2 ADAT tapes, a few drum sticks, swollen fingers, consistantly fatigued ears, 4 title changes, 2 song changes, one 25 minute epic that didnt make the cut, Joe looking bored when not playing synth, two confused parents, patch cords coming out of the walls, 4 never to be heard outtakes, 2 to be heard outtakes, one of the 2 being based on 643 digits of Pi, duling theremins, hours of getting the perfect vocoder tone and text, two OLD tape machines, two razor blades, two cassette tapes from feetnik being delirious in houston, 2 digital cameras, one soldering gun, learning to vocode the hell out of drums, some patience, some more solder, a vision, years of pent up ideas, thoughts of hope, the perfect patch, understanding midi completely, totally saturating saturation, endless and mindless hours of mastering, and then some, water and ice, getting shocked only twice, figment only falling once, only two interrupting phone calls, tubes tubes tubes, YAMAHA’s sound reinforcement handbook, years of understanding of the implications of sound placement and creation, juno 106 booty bass, and no broken bones.

Well it’s done. MONSIII has finally be finished. Well at least it’s gotten the farthest is has ever just not. It pasted the “day after” test. Sorta like when you wake up with that strange girl in the morning and if you think she’s cool, you go out again! Ha! So yeah, I did some final mastering last nite. I made the mixes and I shelved them. Then tonight, after Dad’s birthday party (yup, he’s 60!) I put it on. I think it’s mastered completely. It’s done. And, i am hoping with make the listener’s ears bleed. My simple goal is the pure act of blood errupting from the ear canal. I think this is completely feasable. Now I just need to finish up artwork and it will be ready to ship to the pressing plant. I feel so relieved. I also feel just as volnerable. I forsee (?!) a lot of confused people. But in a way maybe that is what I want. I want to open peoples ears to new sounds and visions of how sound can be manipulated and created. People are stuck in this rut that music has to be one way. And it doesnt. A guitar line or even the tone of the guitar line can be just as emotional as a lyric. Typically it’s more. At least to me. Upper harmonics have a lot to prove to the general public in the next few decades. Only time will tell. I hope people are ready for this. This is the sound of the future. This is one baby I am more proud of than I have ever been. Be ready.

Today was a pretty typical monday. I did come in late cos I needed to catch up on some sleep. I got hooked up for Pete Yorn this week for my photo pass. I hope he remembers me from when we hung out in the studio last March, but you know it really doesnt even matter, nor will i care. Then in early September Built to Spill and The Samples will be playing. Finally I get to see the Samples. I’ll do a shoot as well, provided my photo passes come through, but I have yet to be disapointed. I dont even really want to see Built to Spill, cos I have before, but getting on the guest list is pretty easy, and it’s not every day you get to see a band like that. Plus most every band that plays there (the 930 Club) sounds great. Except for that shite that opened for Autechre. My god. And they were for real! Fo’ real. Is it AW-TECH-ER? AWT-I-KER? AW-TESCH-RAY? Blah. Damn Germans and their engineering.

I think I want to get an I-Zone. I have this postcard thing I am doing and I think it would be cool to have an individual I-Zone picture for each one. No/Yes? I think so. I think it’s cool that I still write letters to people and I get some in return. Most people these days that partake in the email phenomenon/fad seem to forget there is USPS. I love that shit. And my dream has attenuated with my PO Box. Send me shit. I may even write back.

I now own – I rule. Dude, I also just wrote a Phillip Glass spy theme. Damn it’s cool. Castor here I come.