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don’t stop ’till you get enough

*Way too much fun was had last night*
*I think I finally got home at 6am*
*Becca and myself fell down on the floor ever so graciously once during the night*
*Morgan was Marilyn Manson*
*Colin never showed*
*All the music the band played was music Feetnik and me listened to in TN…the booty was shaking!*
*Mike’s outfit was such an inside joke that was funny as fuck*
*Missy was the 420 Pot Faerie which was funny as hell to most of us on many levels*
*Christy was Rollergirl*
*Ballard was the Pope!*
*Kristin was a Go Go girl with dope ass boots!*
*I was Ric Ocasek or any 80s New Waver for that matter*
*Korinne was a hot and fun She-Ra*
*Laura was Jon Bon Jovi*
*Iko was the woman eater/winnie the pooh*
*Diane was a bizzare Paula Poundstone*
*Christy drew on my hand some stars and a bracelet which I dont really remember happening*
*I honestly cant remember having such a good time since my freshman year of college*
*’Tis good. And awesome I got to share it with Becca and some of the work peeps. It was a sight to see!*

well it seems too real i can’t see it

so why cant i touch itStuff that happened or on my mind:
-Went to happy hour
-Listened to Bon Jovi (a lot)
-Didnt go to Betty Ford
-Did very little work at work
-Until 4pm
-I love days like these
-But I will have to come in on Saturday
-Comp time is my friend though
-I really need a vacation
-It’s been too long
-Me and a friend are contemplating Cancun
-I do need a beach now
-No one will know who I am gonna be for Halloween
-That rules
-I got a coffee maker thing from work today
-I bring home the most random shit from there
-Everybody’s happy nowadays
-Elle’s last post entertained me for a solid 60 mins today
-Mat is making a mat faux pas tomorrow
-With going to two parties
-What has this world come to
-Did Prince come out with a new CD?
-I listened to Soul Coughing today and yesterday
-It was very cool
-They are a wonderfully interesting band still gets like 150 hits a day
-I have spider bites all over my legs
-It’s kinda scary
-The Buzzcocks are a great band

From my Bible “The New Book of Rock Lists” by Dave Marsh:

You Can’t Judge a Record By It’s Cover
10 Great Sleeves You Wouldn’t Want to Open

01 Climax, The Ohio Players
02 Ceremony, The Cult
03 Workingman’s Dead, The Grateful Dead
04 The Stranger, Billy Joel
05 Sports Weekend, 2 Live Crew
06 Journey Through the Past, Neil Young
07 Dr. Feelgood, Mötley Crüe
08 5150 (EP)), Eazy E
09 Love Gun, Kiss
10 All Samples Cleared, Biz Markie

Note: the word “record” refers to any LP, tape, or CD. People may only buy tapes and CDs these days, but they still call releases “records”. Or we do, anyway.

IMs of the day:
emufela: will you marry me?
mat: sure!
emufela: :: down on one knee ::
emufela: yes!!
emufela: that’ great.
mat: awesome!
emufela: thats the first yes i’ve gotten all day
emufela: woohoo!
mat: 🙂
mat: YES!
emufela: alright then.
emufela: i’ll talk to you later
mat: ok
mat: see u

emufela: do you like shuggie otis?
mat: is that a breakfast cereal?

the big cheese

Apparently, there is a book out there called “Rock Stars do the Dumbest Things.”

Mad propas to Halee.

Vanilla Ice:
“You can write a book on each of my thoughts.”

Neil Young:
“A performer like me is like a racehorse, except I don’t eat hay.”

Courtney Love:
“Don’t eat cheese. There are a million things to eat that are not cheese.”

Beach Boy Brian Wilson:
“The ocean scares me.”

Sid Vicious:
“John’s just jealous because I’m the brains of the group. I’ve written all the songs, even from the beginning when I wasn’t in the group.”

Chuck Berry:
“I have never denied mine eyes the beauty of femininity in the buff by turning my head therefrom.”

Bob Dylan:
“Folk singing is just a bunch of fat people.”

Robert Plant:
“Six months go by very fast when you’re a genius.”

Courtney Love:
“I think when you get married it should be forever. Even though I did get married once and it was annulled.”

Keith Moon:
“I am the best Keith Moon-type drummer in the world.”

Sid Vicious:
“I want to be like Iggy Pop and die before I’m 30.”

Keith Moon:
“They’re always saying I’m a capitalist pig. I suppose I am, but, ah…it ah…it’s good for my drumming, I think.”